How to Safely Stop Taking Ambien (Zolpidem), Withdrawal, Side Effects and Alternatives

If you are taking Ambien or any other sleeping pill, anti-psychotic or psychiatric medication you should NEVER quit cold turkey.  These drugs can produce dangerous withdrawal symptoms that can be worse than the side effects themselves or your original symptoms.

Ambien acts much like an anti-psychotic medication and is often prescribed for insomnia.  Anti-psychotics are also called Major Tranquilizers or Neuroleptics.  It is just horrific that doctors are prescribing these drugs for sleep problems.  Anti-psychotics are not only an extremely strong medication, but they can produce severe side effects and dangerous withdrawal symptoms that can be fatal, including suicide.

This article lists the new and older, name brand anti-psychotics, lists their side effects, provides resources for a tapering off schedule specific for Ambien, a free online book “How to Get off Psychiatric Drugs Safely” and a free online white paper “Side Effects of Common Psychiatric Drugs”.  If you are considering taking Ambien don’t!  See the bottom of this article for natural sleep aids.

The side effects of older name brand antipsychotics such as Amidate, Arvynol, Dalmane, Demerol, Depakote, Doriden, Dormalin, Geodon, Haldol, Largon, Lidone, Loxitane, Mellaril, Moban, Navane, Nembutal, Neurontin, Nozinan, Orap, Permitil, Phenergan, Proketazine, Prolixin, Proscom, Quide, Repoise, Serlect, Seroquel, Sparine, Stelazine, Taractan, Tegretol, Thorazine, Tindal, Topamax, Trancopal, Triclos, Trilafon, Versed, Vesprin; and newer name brand antipsychotics such as Abilify, Ambien, Clozaril, Compazine, Lamictal, Resperine, Risperdal, Serentil and Zprexa are listed below:

Akathisia (inability to keep still)

Abnormal gait (manner of walking)

Birth defects


Blood disorders

Blood-sugar abnormalities

Blurred vision

Cardiac arrest


Death from liver failure




Extreme inner-anxiety

Fatal blood clots


Heart arrhythmia

Heart failure

Heart palpitation

Heat stroke



Hyperglycemia (abnormally high blood sugar)

Hypoglycemia (abnormally low blood sugar)



Involuntary movements


Manic reaction

Muscle rigidity



Neuroleptic malignant Syndrome (toxic reaction that can be fatal)


Painful skin rashes

Pancreatitis (inflammation of pancreas, a gland near the stomach that helps digestion)

Poor concentration



Sexual dysfunction



Suicidal thoughts

Swollen and leaking breasts

Tachycardia (heart irregularity)

Tardive dyskinesia (a permanent impairment of the power of voluntary movement of the lips, tongue, jaw, fingers, toes, and other body parts)





Weight gain

Ambien Withdrawal Symptoms include but are not limited to:

Abnormal extroversion or aggressive behavior






Loss of personal identity

Strange behavior

Suicidal thoughts

Worsening of depression


The Journal of Toxicology reported that the newer antipsychotics “will soon account for the majority of poisonings from antipsychotic agents that get presented to health care facilities in the U.S.”

It found “seizures are uncommonly associated with atypical antipsychotic agents following both therapeutic doses and overdoses.” And “the ingestion of a single tablet of clozapine (Clozaril), olanzapine (Zyprexa) and risperidone (Risperidal) may cause significant toxicity in a toddler. Ataxia (involuntary muscular movement), confusions, EPS (extrapyramidal symptoms-nerve damage), coma, and respiratory arrest have been reported following ingestion of 50-200mg of clozapine in toddlers.”

September 2003: The FDA requested the makers of six newer antipsychotic drugs add a caution to their labeling language about the potential risk of diabetes and blood sugar abnormalities.

June 2004: The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration published an Adverse Drug Reactions Bulletin reporting that the newer antipsychotics could increase the risk of diabetes.

September 22, 2005: Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman of Columbia University and other researchers published a study in The New England Journal of Medicine that compared the older generation of antipsychotics with several newer ones. Far from proving effectiveness, of the 1,493 patients who had participated, 74% discontinued their antipsychotic drugs before the end of their treatment due to inefficacy, intolerable side effects or other reasons. After 18 months of taking Zyprexa, 64% of the patients taking this stopped, most commonly because it caused sleepiness, weight gain or neurological symptoms like stiffness and tremors.

December 1, 2005: Researchers found that 18% of nearly 23,000 elderly patients taking the older antipsychotics died within the first six months of taking them.

May 2, 2006: USA Today released the results of an analysis of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) data that showed at least 45 children died between 2000 and 2004 from the side effects of antipsychotic drugs (Clozaril, Risperdal, Zyprexa, Seroquel, Abilify and Geodon). Despite an adults-only FDA approval for these drugs, according to the USA Today, up to 2.5 million children have been prescribed them. As the FDA’s Adverse Drug Reactions reporting database only collects 1% to 10% of drug-induced side effects and deaths, the true child death rate could be between 450 and several thousand. The USA Today exposé ran on its front page and in a series of 5 other articles spanning 4 pages. Further, there were 1,328 reports of other side effects, some life threatening such as convulsions and low white blood cell count.


(Download the entire white paper entitled “Side Effect of Common Psychiatric Drugs” at  See the right hand-side of the page.)

Source (above)

You will find a free online book entitled, “How to Get Off Psychiatric Drugs Safely” at (Section 3 goes over nutritional supplements.)

Alternative Sleep Aids (when not on psychiatric medications are as follows:

Cal Mag or CalMax – a freeze-dried Calcium Magnesium powder added to water, juice or tea to aid sleep and relax sore muscles.

Melatonin (a good quality one, such as Melatonin PR – time release)

Montmorency Tart Cherries or Juice: (also see Mealtonin side effects).  Antoher article on this is at

Lecithin – has a sedating effect

Niacin (Vitamin B3) – for mental health (see

Vitamin B Complex – for stress relief and nerve function

Exercise – reduces anxiety

Hrebal Teas

An additional reference on Ambien found after the writing of this article is

Due to the age of the list of antipsychotics, if there should be any missing, please leave a comment so that we may research this as well.

All information posted in this writing is the opinion of the author and is provided for educational purposes only.  It is not to be construed as medical advice.  Only a licensed medical doctor can legally offer medical advice in the United States.  Consult the healer of your choice for medical care and advice.


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63 Responses to “How to Safely Stop Taking Ambien (Zolpidem), Withdrawal, Side Effects and Alternatives”

  1. primi Says:

    i have been told that i may suffer from pancreas . I don’t drink alcohol, and if i do is very limited like in a year maybe i consumed a bottle of wine if that much, but beside ambien I also take paxil and effexor so please help me out if you can this got me so worry , not knowing make it worse .. thank you and God bless for all you help you can provide . thank you

    • amina cataline Says:

      ok stop drinking with medication not good ideas
      i took ambien and lorazipam for 6 years now i have no job no insurance went to urgent care 3 times
      they gave me injection and send me home still shaking and cannot breath i am 48 ages i feel very sick any md

      please contact me i am in atlanta ga 770-733-7371
      i am scared i have feeling that all my body is sick

  2. Your Friend Says:


    What brought you to this site? Are you experiecning side effects that made you wonder if it was caused by the Ambien that you are taking?

    I am sorry to hear that your health is poor. Why were you prescribed the drugs, especially 3 them? Why so many? One is bad enough. Why 3? And why would a doctor give you toxic drugs when you already have a pancreas problem? These are the questions that I would be asking your doctor. I suggest you seek a new doctor, preferrably an alternative medical doctor. They tend to stay away from the psychiatric drugs and seek the bottom line? What is causing your pancreas problems? What can they give you that is natural that will help you now? What life style changes can you make that will help such as diet, exercise, walking, change of jobs, etc.

    You deserve to be treated by a doctor that cares about your health and well being, a doctor that is not interested in getting you in and out of their office in 15 minutes (if you have the typical doctor), a doctor that will not try to mask all your symptoms or depression with pills, but will really help and listen to you.

    I had a thyroid hormone problem, very serious, actually and some doctors wanted to give me psychiatric medication because they thought I was a very nervous person. They had no idea that I had a thyroid problem. Upon my insistance they sent me to a couple of specialists who said I didn’t have a thyroid problem and refused to test me. Finally I went to an alternative medical doctor and she tested me up one side and down the other, my thyroid twice, and finally it showed up to be Graves and Hoshimoto’s Disease. Then instead of giving me psychiatric medications she gave me a beta blocker (blood pressure medication) that slowed my system down which enabled me to settle down instead of being on overdrive all of the time. Eventually I became better and I am even back to work now.

    So the moral of the story is demand what you want. Research on your own, (you obvously are) and find that right doctor for you.

    Best of luck. Don’t forget to check out some of the alternatives above.

    Your Friend

    • toudi Says:

      i have 1 md who prescribe me this medication at first end up leaving i told here to go home when i went see here for reffile medication she was high like drunk , she was dup-up
      after that i had to get another md indian md who gave me reffil as well he end up going to urgent care
      so after that i had to get another md so i end up with someone from africa this one gave me reffil for a while then ask me to fing therapyst but it took for ever to find one when i did they want me to pay more will not take my insurance
      so i keep calling and waiting no schance fing md from russa was very nice to me gave me reffill after while ask me to find a tearapis again after 3 month before i lost my job they sill will not take my insurance
      so i end up no money no job no insurance and very very very sick no help but God

  3. JoAnn Says:

    I am female and 67. I have a hard time getting a good nights sleep due to joint pain, not severe, but enough to keep me turning all night and it takes a while to drop off to sleep. With Zolpidem Tart I get to sleep fast and have a restful nights sleep and feel so much more rested in the morning. So much for a good night’s sleep, what are the alternatives. Thanks JoAnn

  4. FlielpClall Says:

    Thank you for great post!

  5. Jesse Walker Says:

    I have been on clozapine for about 2 years I keep telling the doctors about my side effects but I am told that it is all in my head. I have reduced my meds from 400ml to 200ml but am afraid that if they find out I will be put into hospital. I am using natural medication and doing fine. What should I do?

    • Your Friend Says:

      Hi Jesse,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Please be careful! It is very dangerous to take yourself off of these type of drugs. From what I read you should be tapering off more slowly than that. Tapering off quickly usually presents dangerous withdrawal symptoms. I did not realize that when I uploaded an update on my software that my recommended links had diappeared. They are back now. Check out The Road Back and How to Get Off Psychiatric Drugs Safely (free online book).

    • toudi Says:

      you need to tell the md that you stop

  6. Emma Says:

    I have been taking Ambien for 3 years. I stopped taking it 5 days ago. I know there can be side effects but other than not going to sleep as fast and being a little confused I have felt realitively well. I know Cold Turkey was not good but I did it anyway. Will I be OK ?

  7. Michelle Says:

    Hello Emma,

    I was wondering if you ever got a response to your question. I am on Ambien 10mg. nightly for almost a month due to my perimenopausal symptom of insomnia. I want to wean this med. off safely without insomnia rebound and would like to ask if anyone can help me?

  8. emma Says:

    i think you should cut down to 5 mg for one week and half again for one week and then see how you are i am trying too

  9. Misty Says:

    I was taking Zolpiden (generic to Ambein) 10 mg. due to the fact that I could not get a good night’s sleep. Been taking Zolpiden for approx. 7-8 mts….

    Last month, I recently had blood tests done and found out that I have a high calcium level, my B-12 was very, very low, and Vit D was low. I think my PTH was normal….My doctor sent me to an Endro specialist for possible parathyroid problem. He did more blood test, and a 24 hr urine test. I will find out those results this Friday. He also sent me for an ultrasound on my kidney. That report came back with a suspicious lesion result on my left kidney. He wants me to see a Urologist. I am waiting on that appointment as I write.

    I stopped taking Zolpiden because one of my problems was being tried and want to sleep all the time…. Not only 6-8 hrs at night but doing the day…… I did research on Zolpiden and found out that one of the side effects is feeling like you are drugged all day long and very tired, even though you slept the night before.

    I decided to stop and cut the 10mg pill in half for a couple of day, then just stopped. After stopping. The first night I hardly got any sleep. The second night was much better and has been since….. By no means am I telling anyone to do what I did – just wanting to share how I weaned myself off of it.

    I personally think that Zolpiden has had effects on my body especially since I was in good health and my blood tests were normal before I starting taking them….

    • Your Friend Says:

      Good for you, Misty! Yes. It is not advise to stop taking Ambien on your own, as the withdrawal symptoms can be the same list as its side effects list, often worse than the side effects you experienced while taking it. Drugs like Ambien are very toxic and hard on the body. Have you checked out alternative medical treatment? Often times I find that alternative medical doctor know more about healing the body than MDs. MDs have a tendency to just treat symptoms, not the root causes.

      How did your test results turn out?

    • toudi Says:

      i took it took it very high addictive stoping is the right thing to do good for you you save your life

  10. Julie Says:

    I have a love hate relationship with Zolpiden. I love getting a good nights sleep. But I tend to use it to combat long weekends…..I hate when I have to beg my doctor. I had my doctor do a complete blood test on me (mostly to prove I was fine of Zolpiden). All my test were fine…..I have tried to wean myself with no progress. I can not stay up all night… is a living hell. Plus go to work the next day? What do you do all weekend if you can’t sleep 12 hours? I do not want to be held hostage for medications from my doctor. I sleep well, I am not a crimual, my health is fine. I do not see a reason to get off it. When I am in stress, I do use more medications. My doctors now have completly cut me off and I have resorted to buying on line. I just don’t know what to do….

    • Your Friend Says:


      I am not big on supporting the medical field, as most doctors are drug pushers. However, it sounds like your doctor is doing what he/she is best for you. You can become dependent upon Ambien and from what you are saying, it sounds like you are. Am I wrong? Buying online and not telling your doctor would be the worse thing you can do, as your doctor will not be able to treat you properly. Ambien comes with a host of side effects! Your doctor could give you a prescription for something that could be lethal with Ambien. You may up on more drugs because of the side effects of Ambien alone. Be careful, my dear! Your life could be at stake, here. What was going on in your life when you first started having trouble sleeping?

    • msp Says:

      I sympathise, its all very well people saying you shouldnt take them, but complete lack of sleep constantly is a killer too. I have suffered for over 30 years and have been to a sleep clinic, had hypnotherapy, herbal supplements, reflexology and accupuncture and then finally sobbed in front of the doctor and begged for something to send me to sleep. I have been taking Zolpidem 10 mg/Ambien for over 5 years. I dont take it sometimes purely to make an effort, but it results in endless nights of no sleep. Likewise I still only get a couple of hours with the tablet and end up feeling like I have a hangover all the next day – I’m fed up of my insomnia ruling my life, I feel so down and exhausted all the time. Its usually only people that dont suffer that try and give advice! 😦

      • Your Friend Says:

        I do sympathize with you, msp. I had insomnia myself. I looked into testing for many different things and it turned out to be a thyroid issue. If I would have just taken the prescription the doctors wanted to give me to sleep better or the hormones that I did not need, it would have masked the real physical condition.

        Later the insomnia came back again. Again I demanded further testing. Now I take bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and my problem is solved. Usually if you have something going on that is abnormal there usually is a solution other than medication that masks the real problem. In my opinion and that of many others, doctors are too quick to hand out prescriptions instead of digging for the root cause. We have to manage our own health nowadays. You have to educate yourself by doing research and ask for particular tests. It is so sad.

        I had such bad pain that I resorted to pain meds, but never gave up the fight of trying to find out what was wrong with me. I hope you do not either.

      • toudi Says:

        i took it for 6 years presicribe to me from Md i could sleep for 7 days i end up in the hospitall it mass with my whole body complete shange of balace so plan to stop the medication is not working for you now
        find thea-yoga-praying-read a book

  11. k Says:

    Ohh, this explanation is short and nice. Thank you for listing the vitamins. I have spent most of my life, including my childhood, fighting to sleep. Even after having my first daughter, I still had problems. With my second daughter, I slept just fine (during pregnancy) and after she was born, I nursed, so I had that nice prolactin going pretty much all of the time, and slept fairly well, usually. Once she weaned (at 14 months), I went on Ambien. It was actually great up until a few weeks ago. I went up to 15mg, but didn’t feel right taking such a high dosage with two kids at home – even though my husband is home at night. It’s a mom thing. Last night, I went to the movies with a couple of friends – to a midnight showing. I figured I would be fine, I do just fine with a couple of hours of sleep. Being that we live pretty far away from the nearest theater, I didn’t arrive home until 0345. After getting into bed, the silence hit and I started having a panic attack that perhaps my youngest wasn’t in her crib. I went in and checked, she was sound asleep. I heard my older daughter coughing (asthma) so I checked on her. My husband was peacefully sleeping, yet I was quietly freaking out because I had missed ONE dose of Ambien.

    People mostly equate addiction to a drug as an illegal drug or a painkiller. I really didn’t realize what Ambien was until I realized I hadnt taken it and I felt awful. I’m already on Lamictal (which really, really has been a godsend – I can go off it alright but the mood swings return and I’m a MUCH happier/mellower person on it), which is an anti-convulsant (and mood stabilizer as I’m sure you know). Well, two anti-convulsants together? That doesn’t seem like a good combination. No wonder I’m so lethargic, tired, bored, listless, unmotivated! So, the Ambien will be going down the toilet. And I’m probably going to suffer for a few more nights. It does not feel right, though, if I get a headache – should I take ibuprofen? Should I suck it up, drink some tea, and focus on something else? It is so hard to try to give up one “drug” just to need another.

    • Your Friend Says:

      Hi k!

      Sorry to hear your troubles. I love your style of writing! You sound so natural. I feel like I’ve known you for awhile.

      NEVER stop taking Ambien without tapering off slowly! The withdrawal symptoms can be worse than the side effects. When reading much information and email correspondence with (they’ve been helping people for decades), I learned that even most doctors taper you off too quickly. Their sites gives suggestions for supplements which are supposed to help you with the withdrawal symptoms.

      It doesn’t make any sense to me to take 2 of anything!

      As far as the Lamictal, it sounds like feeling calm. What prompted a doctor to prescribe it for you? Sometimes people take drugs to deal with a situation and then end up staying on them for life! Being drugged isn’t a good solution for stress, etc. Dealing with the stress is usually best, to me, anyway. I am in no way suggesting that you stop taking it, as it, too, is a strong drug and should be tapered off, if stopping. I just like the idea of being myself. Doing things I love and being around people that are happy and that I love seem to do the trick for me! I found the wrong thing to do is being around people who invalidate you and evaluate you (in a negative way). Being around people who validate me and what I do are my best medicines!

      Check out this link on cutting back drugs, including Ambien (and how to determine how much to cut back)

      I wish you luck and happiness always, k!

      Your Friend

      • Wanda Whitefield Says:

        Hi Friend,
        I have been trying to eradicate ambien from my life for a year. I tried by myself and then asked for the doctor’s help. She had me taper it down. I started taking 1/2 pill every other night for a few weeks and then a half pill each night. I can’t seem to make it very long once I start skipping nights. I do suffer from hot flashes that keep me up, anxiety (a side effect, I assume), and I do have to go to work in the morning. I’m often nauseous all day and feel sick if I haven’t taken the pill. What can I do to safely get off of it? I’m sorry I ever took the first one. I was going through cancer treatment and too stressed to sleep. Adequate rest was a requirement of getting through the regimen. Ambien gave me that. However, this house guest has stayed a few years too long. How long do the side effects last? What is the best schedule for wheening off?

    • toudi Says:

      ues you know what is good for you stop you have your kids medication is legal drug prescribe by md
      but if something gose wrong with you they will close the book on you

  12. Says:

    this is a personal hell, trying to get off night mare of a drug. how do slow down when you can’t sleep or function ?

  13. Says:

    i wish you all good dreams .d

  14. Cynthia Says:

    You should do some more adequate research on the medical definition of an “anti-psychotic” some of the medications you listed are far from it. For example a hypnotic is by no medical definition an “anti-psychotic” nor is a narcotic pain reliever. Just because a medication can be used for a secondary purpose in some cases doesn’t mean the classification of the drug is different. They have found in some cases that an anti convulsant intended for epileptic patients is useful with anxiety patients. However the medication is not an anti anxiety

  15. Cynthia Says:

    Excuse me, my computer was acting up and sent the last comment prematurely. Anyway the Anti convulsant medication is not classified as an anti anxiety medication. You need to do further research and understand these medication’s true classification and indications.

  16. Deb Says:

    If I could do it all over again I would never ever take an ambien. Staying on it means amnesia and sleep-walking or eating bags of doritos in my sleep, waking up with orange fingers and crumbs in my bed. No recollection at all of doing this! Writing emails or making phone calls while on ambien can ruin a career or even a marriage. It happens. Stay away from this dangerous drug!

    • toudi Says:

      yes i lost so much people react different to medication and md know that
      but if something go wrong they will say you did it to your self

  17. Beverly Baker Says:

    Hi! Been on Ambien 12.5 mg for 2 years and now 25 mg at bedtime for 9 months now. It never helped me sleep just very nervous, can’t sleep, tremors etc, i hate this drug. How can I wean off it for good??Plez help. I am now in the process of tapering off Lorazepam 6mg daily for about 5 years. When off this one I will start to taper the Ambien/Zolpedim Tart ER 12.5 mg (I take two of em at bedtime = 25mg Ambien. “HOW” to taper in a very gentle way, cannot handle all these side effects.
    Thank You, Beverly

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Hi All,
    I am still tapering off Ambien myself, I would take a 1/4 of a 10mg maybe once in 2 or 3 weeks, if I was having a rough night, and it would knock me out all night and I could sleep for another 6 hours if left to sleep, always had a headache on waking after ambien, I have only been using ambien on and off like this for about 1 year. What I did not realize, was the strange feeling, muscle pains, low BP, heart cramps, and all weird sudden heath problems…..caused by withdrawal from ambien. How I found this out, was when I went to see my Doctor about my very low BP, what did he do???? He puts me on Lorazepam???????????? and nearly kills me. after 2 weeks on lorazapam, I just quit…..what a huge mistake….in desperation I went on the internet and …thanks to all you people who have advised against these drugs and what they did to you and how you managed to taper off successfully. I immediately went back on Lorazepam, 1 a night for a week, then 3/4 for 2 weeks, 1/2 for 2 weeks, 1/4 for 2 weeks, then an 1/8 for 2 weeks.
    Please NEVER just quit ambien or lorazepam or any anti depressant, always taper off, I did and it near killed me, and I can only pray that there is no permanent damage.
    God bless and stay off the meds….go natural

  19. richard Says:

    Hello….Can ambien mess up brain chemistry and is this recoverable?


  20. richard Says:

    when you mean dangerous, do you mean what it can do physically and or mentally? Please expound. I took it to get good sleep over a procedure and went off it cold turkey to experience a rapid heart rate the next morning. but have not been the same since mentally…ie.. (not suicidal – only the Lord will take me home) thoughts….but should this only happen while you’re on it?

    • angel Says:

      i took ambien they told me at work i went under my desk during the day and cry,,,, i do not remember
      so this medication is so dangerous i have seen poeple life ruin so have faith in yourself and stop

  21. donna Says:

    I have been taking ambien for 16 years. started at the 10mg then increased it to 20mg and still not enough, I asked my doctor to increase it and she gave me 12.5CR took that for about 9 years and it wasn’t working as well as I thought it should. so I increased it to 25mg every night then I ran out…embarrassed to ask the doctor to give me more a friend gave me lunesta. that leaves a horrible taste in my mouth.but it will help me sleep for a couple of hours.and then omg i realized i was addicted to it. now Im taking a total of 30 of the 10 mg and 30 of the 12.5mg and 30 of the lunesta a month.
    I am embarrassed to say it but Im addicted. Now what? I have tried to take every OTC sleeping aid out there. nothing works. vitamins, tea’s meditation…Nothing. There is a medication that helps you come off of opiates called suboxone but nothing for ambien.Help…any suggestions?

  22. Anonymous Says: Please help this thread is not opening. Either it has changed or there is a new one. I am one of those desperately trying to wean off ambien after 12 years on it at rapidly escalating doses as I build intolerance to it. I am currently on both the 12.5xr and 10mg tablets. i tried cold turkey in a rehab recently (I also take 2mg Dormonoct) but nearly died from the withdrawals and I am not exagerating I NEVER SLEPT for 1minute those 17days. I eventually ended up in a psychiatric hospital and back on my sleep meds. Now I want to try a sensible taper but need help.

  23. shahnaz Says:

    I was prescribed zolpidem 10mg about 2 years ago and im still taking them but now im getting to that stage where even when i do take a tablet i still cant get to sleep last year i tried stopping the tablets but i didnt sleep for 16 days and nights and i gave up because i was so tired i needed some sleep i really want to stop taking them i also take quetapine 100mg along with zolpidem 10mg while im on these tablets i cant remember what i say do or eat and the thought of taking them for the rest of my life scares me im too scared to talk to my doctor in case he just stops them and i end up with really bad withdrawal symptoms i really need help to be able to have a normal life again .

    • toudi Says:

      you do not want to go through hell like me it can happen to you you will enter a world of scary thing scary manner
      forgetin what you say and did peple will tell you latter what you did
      cannot remember a thing so please make me a favor stop go see your md tell him what you want to do and do it

  24. elsabe Says:

    Have been on zolpidem for approximately three years. My doctor has no problem prscribing it. I have experienced anxiety attacks when I drive on a highway, especially when I have to overtake a car. Vertigo? Memory failure is a huge problem. I virtually can’t recall events a week ago! Please help! I have tried to stop cold turkey – not advisable.

    • toudi Says:

      it was hard on me too i did have zolpidam for 6 years i tell you what the md clear the files the pharmacy react that
      i went get my medication else where ? the md prescribe me zolpidam-lorazipam-exffor- and some
      i though i was dying went to urgent care 3 times shaking-pale-cannot breath-my heart fast faster-they gave me injection to caume me then send me home after that i said i have it with all they were kiling me
      so i start praying to god to help me to heal day by day i was gettin better i touck me 3 month to be able to work
      i was so fragile weak pale no enegei lik i was 80 year old
      so pleas trust me stop before it is too late the md will point the finger at you if something happen

  25. YOLANDA Says:


  26. Corndog Says:

    I’m concerned about advice from laypersons to stop or change prescribed medications. Talk to your doctor about your symptoms. Tell her (him) before you change anything – stopping abruptly can be very dangerous or deadly.

    • gLORIA Says:


    • gLORIA Says:


  27. Amy Says:

    I am a 57 old female who is currently taking Ambien for insomia – and want to stop taking it but am afraid of all the Withdrawal Symptoms I read about – I also went to the doctors today because of a potential bladder infection. I am looking for a safe recommendation to stop taking this drug – do you have any recommedations.

  28. carry Says:

    i have been on zoliped 5mg and than 10mg, now im sleep walking and i got up one morning to find my meds were 1/2 gone, still can’t find them, don’t remember if i have been taking them as i was sleep walking, dangerous and scary, good thing i did not over dose if i did take them or if i hid them some where, horrid feeling, also would eat too and not know it, trying to get off them now, does anyone know of a better sleeping pill.

  29. harriet weissman Says:

    I was going through
    cancer treatments doctor said ok to take ambien for good night sleep been 5 years and when I try to stop I am up all night. Last night I tried a otc pill and my head is buzzing and up all night. Really want to go off but now I am afraid to stop. HELP

  30. hometown Mom Says:

    My neice died from a fatal overdose. She was on perscribed medication. Started with vicadin. More and more pills then insomnia. Then progressed to ambian, all kinds of opiates. one pill called for two, three etc. The Dr obliged. The Dr was recently charged. Slapped his hands. He is back to practicing again.
    I am now worried about my Son. He’s been taking ambien for 3 yrs now. They don’t work, he wants more. Now his Dr has increased his meds to all kinds of hypnotic drugs. He still holds down a reputable job but I recall my sister calling me and telling me her daughter just coded.
    I see my Son addicted, his head is not clear. I hate the doctors and pharmacutical companies. They only want the drugs on the market to increase their stock. It is only a money game. These drugs do not cure a thing. It is only a way to get addicted. I pray everyone WEANS their way out ASAP. Do not add another drug to the mix. Please consider therapy, herbs and relaxation techniques. Go for long walks and drink lots of water to rid yourself of the toxins. You’ll get there. Pray and use patience. I have never seen a good looking corpse. Life is so short. Don’t waste it trying to sleep. You will sleep soon enough.

  31. Anonymous Says:

    Hi ,
    I was taking Ambien CR for 3 weeks . And stopped it right off 7 days day . I have been shaking continuously since not realising until just now it maybe withdrawal symptoms . Also , being told thats its all in my head . The days are getting better after I took some Nuerobine forte to help .

  32. penny Says:

    This medication should not be for the general public. 3 days of online, the more i read the more horrified i became. And the biggest lie is that this is not addictive.

  33. Anonymous Says:

    my neigbor went crazy on me she is taking deppression medication she is lost this is very scary

  34. barbara Says:

    It really doesn’t tell me medically how to stop taking Zoloft

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