Psychiatrist to Curtail Industry-Funded Activities

“Dr. Biederman has been a leading advocate for the idea that very young children can suffer from bipolar disorder,…  His research contributed to a forty-fold increase in diagnoses of pediatric bipolar disorder from 1994 to 2003, as well as to a rapid increase in the prescribing of potent and potentially dangerous antipsychotic drugs to children.” 

New York Times
Psychiatrist to Curtail Industry-Funded Activities

December 30, 2008


A prominent Harvard child psychiatrist will curtail activities financed by the drug industry while Massachusetts General Hospital investigates his failure for years to disclose the consulting fees he received from drug makers. Read the rest of this entry »

Doctor Who Sparked Bipolar in Children to be Questioned Under Oath!

Boston Globe
Papers reveal push on drug firm funds
Prominent doctor tied to efforts
By Carey Goldberg
November 25, 2008  
Newly disclosed court documents portray Dr. Joseph Biederman, a leading Harvard child psychiatrist, as courting drug company money by promising that his work at Massachusetts General Hospital would help promote the use of antipsychotic drugs for youngsters diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Read the rest of this entry »