Bail Out Rap Song – Big Pharma Rap Song Coming January 23, 2009!

This guy is onto something BIG! Not only does he put out a great natural health newsletter that attacks Big Pharma, but now he’s done a FABULOUS rap piece on the Federal Reserve and bailouts!  And his ALBUM will contain rap songs against Big Pharma and psychiatry!!

Check it out via his YouTube video, get on his mailing list, and buy his album…and SPREAD THE WORD! This is what the Internet should be about—COMMUNICATING freely! Read the rest of this entry »

Bailout and Mental Health Parity Update

The Bailout which included mental health parity passed on October 3, 2008 by a vote of 263-171.  All seven of Georgia’s Republican congressmen voted against the bill again.

Per CNN, “Employers and insurers were concerned that legislation would have required plans to cover a “telephone book” of conditions, raising costs beyond what companies and their workers could afford and potentially negating companies’ ability to offer any health coverage at all.

The legislation does not mandate that group health plans cover mental health or addiction treatment, only that when plans do so, the coverage must be equitable to other medical coverage. The insurance industry is now a strong supporter of the parity legislation. Read the rest of this entry »

URGENT: Bailout Bill, HR 1424, includes Mental Health Parity!

As you  may know, the US Senate passed this bill. Now it heads to the House of Representatives  where  a vote is expected today – Friday Oct 3, 2008! The financial bailout portion was added to the Mental Health Parity, not the other way around.  Get it?  The only way that they thought that they could get the Mental Health Parity to pass was to cover it up with a large issue like the Bailout issue.  Smart on their parts!  Now let’s be smarter!  Call, fax and email your representatives today before they vote!  If you are not sure they voted yet or not call anyway.  Tell them that you oppose HR 1424 because of Mental Health Parity. Let your voice be heard! Read the rest of this entry »