Zyprexa Side Effects Can Kill

It is now standard practice for many medical doctors to prescribe anti-psychotic drugs to treat dementia. NOT A GOOD IDEA!

My mother who suffered from dementia was given Zyprexa. It caused her to crawl on her stomach on the floor in the middle of the night, caused her to not be able to swallow her food, and worsened her dementia. I requested that her MD take her off. He honored my request and the symptoms disappeared.

Months later my mother was admitted to an emergency room due to passing out due to her heart condition. She was admitted for further testing. Without my knowledge the emergency room doctor changed her prescription and prescribed Zyprexa. She began to have trouble swallowing. She also could no longer walk. I mentioned to the nurse that the only time she had these symptoms was when she was prescribed Zyprexa. She then informed me that she had been prescribed this drug.

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