Antidepressants & Psychiatric Drug Side Effects Search Engine

Want to know the side effects of these drugs: antidpressants, anti-psychotics, psychostimulants (ADHD drugs and the like), and more?  Why shoud I tell you about the side effects of psychiatric drugs when experts can tell you this in the brand new, first ever, searchable database.  Check it out! or visit
Psychiatric Drug Side Effects Search Engine

2 Responses to “Antidepressants & Psychiatric Drug Side Effects Search Engine”

  1. jhon Says:

    The doctor gave me ritalin long time after suffering from back pain, I did not take importance to I found chronic fibromyalgia, and after evaluating and conduct a comprehensive this icon in order to feel pain, until no stamina, after many doctor visits and many tests review told me that the most appropriate to ease the pain were ritalin, vicodin or oxycodone, but I asked my doctor to prescribe me the most effective and less addictive and prescribed ritalin, have already taken this medication 2 years and though it causes some kind of anxiety I control myself properly, I have no problems so addictive, I think if they know their anxiety is effective restraint, this is good because these narcotics findrxonline indicate that opioids can be very dangerous.

  2. Your Friend Says:

    Hi jhon!

    Yes. You are correct in your statement that Ritalin is a very dangerous opiod.

    I am sorry to hear that you were prescribed Ritalin for pain. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, too. It turned out my pain was due to hyperthyroidims. That is all gone now. Sometime doctors have a tendancy to prescribe drugs as a quick fix. I am nursing back pain, myself, right now due to an injury caused by lifting something too heavy. I take CalMag for it. What also helps is the TENS Unit that my doctor prescribed. Have you ever used one, perhaps by a physical therapist? Doctors can write you a prescription for it. They are very inexpensive now. It really helps pain. I heard that as long as you do not over use it your body will not ignore it.

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