In Memory of Indiana: Effexor Infant Death, Antidepressants and Pregnancy – Mothers Act

A message from AbleChild

A Non-profit parents rights organization

Defeat Mother’s Act by Mother’s Day!

Please Take Action and Call Your Representative 

Ablechild has been following The Mother’s Act, a bill that clearly violates informed consent and places mothers and children at risk. This bill would mandate the government to screen all new mothers for subjective mental conditions.   We would like to update you on this act and request that you take the time to familiarize yourself with it.  

Ablechild strongly opposes The Mother’s Act.  This special interest bill entitled The Mother’s Act should fool NO MOTHER into thinking it is harmless!   It is truly lethal.  Take a look:


Every call, fax and e-mail to your representative counts.  It is simple.  Tell them you strongly oppose the Mothers Act by going here.

For more information and understanding of this act and the consequences that could result if this form of legislation gets passed into law please view

Once again, thank you for making a difference!

Patricia Weathers

Sheila Matthews




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