Written Testimony Needed – Florida Child Antipsychotic Drugging

The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration is inviting the public to provide written testimony (until December 24) concerning the Medicaid coverage of atypical antipsychotics on children.    This is the official notice: http://ahca.myflorida.com/docs/AdHocWebCancellationMessagev2.pdf
Atypical antipsychotics are the newest, most expensive high powered antipsychotic drugs – heavily marketed to state Medicaid programs. (Your tax dollars)
“Evidence is mounting that they can cause rapid weight gain, diabetes, even death”. St. Petersburg Times, July 29, 2007   
Florida allows these antipsychotic drugs on very young children but other states such as California prohibit their use on such young children  (5 and under)

Despite the fact that recent major government studies have determined that these atypical antipsychotics are no more effective than the older antipsychotics which are much cheaper (and also have horrific side effects)  the new atypical antipsychotics are being used by Florida Medicaid  costing tax payers millions of dollars. 

The Florida psychiatrist who has a hand in all this is Rajiv Tandon.  He is known as the Chief of Psychiatry – State of Florida and is over the Florida Department of Children and Families.   He has received funding form all the atypical antipsychotic drug makers.
For full article see:

St. Petersburg Times, “Drug Research: to Test or to Tout?” July 29, 2007


For additional information on atypical antipsychotics: http://tampabay.com/news/health/article454391.ece 


Testimony should be sent here: AHCACommunications@ahca.myflorida.com 

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