Eli Lilly Settles $1.42 Billion in Zyprexa Lawsuit – Video

Drug manufacturer, Eli Lilly, settles $1.42 billion in Zyprexa suit.
Plead guilty to criminal conduct for pushing lethal psychiatric drugs on children and elderly.
Pays largest fine in Deptartment of Justice history.

Watch this 3 minute video:

Source: FOX News

5 Responses to “Eli Lilly Settles $1.42 Billion in Zyprexa Lawsuit – Video”

  1. Danny Haszard Says:

    Google search shows that I have made about 70,000 Zyprexa ‘ whistle-blowing’ pages over 4 years AND I took the stuff pre-black label 1996-2000 got type two diabetes which will shorten my life.

    I don’t get a dime! Amazing.

  2. Grahame Says:

    Fines are not enough. The Eli Lilly employees and executives who did this should be put in jail for the damage they caused to the people they pushed these drugs on.

  3. Your Friend Says:

    Hi Danny,

    I didn’t find 7000 pages, only about 200 or so. Therefore due to the inconsistency I have not posted your link.

    You go get ’em, though!

    They deserve it!

  4. Your Friend Says:


    You are so right! You see corporate guys who steal money get jail time. Look at Martha Stewart. And these guys get none?! They’ve killed people!!!

  5. Bree Conrad Says:

    Hi All, if you want some more interesting, well shockingly disgusting information revealed from an ethical psychiatrist, I recommend checking out Peter Breggin’s book Medication Madness (2008) or his website at: http://www.breggin.com He has been involved as a medical expert on a cases against Eli Lilly and other unethical, greed driven, inhuman corporations abusing the American people by out right lieing to the FDA (but if you read his book, you’ll learn the FDA commissioner is appointed by the President of the US, which when Prozac was approved, was Bush, who sat on the Board of Directors at Eli Lilly, manufacturer of Prozac!) about the results of clinical trials and the effectiveness of mood-altering medications. The corporate and greed induced schandals are appalling. I was also a little concerned with the doctor’s definition of akathasia–it can also be an unnerving, won’t go away feeling one experiences in their mind…it is not just uncontrollable physical movement, although that is one way it can be experienced. I was prescribed Prozac at 16, in 1996 and had reactions like Breggin discusses–my family was completely unaware, as were my doctors who increased my dose because my behavior got out of hand and unnatural–no one attributed this to the scientifically proven cocaine-like side effects that anti-depressants commonly have not only on children, but adults as well. Happy reading, and warn any of your friends or family: Don’t trust your doctor, they have been lied to by the FDA and these corporations producing mood-altering drugs!!

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