Bail Out Rap Song – Big Pharma Rap Song Coming January 23, 2009!

This guy is onto something BIG! Not only does he put out a great natural health newsletter that attacks Big Pharma, but now he’s done a FABULOUS rap piece on the Federal Reserve and bailouts!  And his ALBUM will contain rap songs against Big Pharma and psychiatry!!

Check it out via his YouTube video, get on his mailing list, and buy his album…and SPREAD THE WORD! This is what the Internet should be about—COMMUNICATING freely!

Friday, January 09, 2009 12:13 AM 

“Dear NaturalNews readers,

I’ve been holding on to this secret for a while, folks, but now it’s going public: I’m secretly a hip-hop artist, and I’ve just released my first hip-hop single called  I Want My Bailout Money.

You can listen to the song, read the lyrics and download MP3 files of the song here:


Watch the YouTube video if you want to see the lyrics on screen:

This song is a crushing piece of commentary about the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury stealing money from the working class citizens of America. Early listeners were absolutely stunned by this song (“the Health Ranger wrote this? Really?”). Listen to it yourself and see if you like it.

Here’s the cool part: This is only the first song of a new album I’m creating called Beyond All Reason. The second song, which will be released within two weeks, is about psychiatric medication. After that, I’m rapping about Big Pharma, modern medicine and other important social issues of our time. All the songs will be announced and distributed by NaturalNews.

Feel free to copy this song, share it, burn it, post it and make your own video for it (all for non-commercial use only, please), and please give proper credit to myself and a link to NaturalNews, thank you!”

Come back around January 23, 2009 to this site and we’ll post the Big Pharma song, too!  We’re looking forward to that one!  Let’s see what psych drugs they mention!


One Response to “Bail Out Rap Song – Big Pharma Rap Song Coming January 23, 2009!”

  1. Don Says:

    Some great reading on this site

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