Boston Legal: Season Finale, Final Episode

The final season of Boston Legal continually attacked Big Pharma.  Yes!  About time a show was bold enough to stand up to Big Pharma.  Perhaps since they were about to go off the air was the reason for the sudden bravery.  Either way, let’s face it, it was brave of ABC to make these strikes because television ads are filled with prescription ads.  If Big Pharma were to pull their ads ABC would stand to lose plenty of money.  They did it in such a way that they were routing for both sides but were able to slip in many digs.  They did as safe as they possibly could without asking for an outright attack on themselves.

The last episode had to do with Denny going to the Supreme Court requesting to have a clinic trial drug for Alzheimer’s Disease.  Opposing counsel is quoted as saying, “If they get to peddal promising, untested drugs, we know they’ll do it, drugs that engender false hope, higher profit margins if they get to skip the testing.  Investers will pump their money into snake oils that dress up well.  This is not a scrupulous industry, Your Honor.  They most certainly don’t deserve a pass on clinical trials and that is what will effectively happen if untested drugs are okayed by this court.”

Though we didn’t get to see the firm take down Big Pharma at the end we saw plenty of attacks that will definitely get viewers thinking Big Pharma is much like Big Tobacco.  Glad to see this coming to view on a national and international  level.

You may watch Boston Legal’s last season at

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