Acai Berry for Depression – Alternative to Antidepressants

Acai,  a berry found on one of 7 species of the palm, and as seen on Oprah, Rachael Ray and Fox News as what is known as a superfood.

Acai provides such benefits as: 

·     Boosts energy levels

·     Improves digestive function

·     Improves mental clarity/focus

·     Promotes sound sleep

·     Provides all vital vitamins

·     Contains several important minerals…

·     Is an extremely powerful free radical fighter

·     Acai has very high levels of fibers

·     Cleanses and Detoxifies the body

·     Strengthens your immune system 

·     Enhances sexual desire and performance

·     Fights cancerous cells

·     Slows down the aging process

·     Promotes healthier and younger-looking skin

·     Alleviates diabetes

·     Normalizes and regulates cholesterol levels

·     Helps maintain healthy heart function

·     Minimizes inflammation

·     Improves circulation

·     Prevents artherosclerosis

·     Enhances visual acuity

·     Relieves arthritis pain

·     Reduces the occurrence of seizures

·     Helps to reduce physical injuries & speed up recovery

·     Helps stabilize normal blood sugar levels

·     Helps improve patients suffering from leukemia

·     Fights general depression

·     Supports weight loss

·     Improves upon your overall physical strength


For deeper insights into the benefits of acai berries, continue reading.


Acai is recognized as the sole super berry on the market which has all that you require; Acai contains Vitamin B1, B2, B3, C, E,  Potassium, Fiber, Proteins, Phosphorus, Calcium, ideal fatty acids like Omega 9, Omega 6 to assist in decreasing cholesterol level.

In addition, another benefit: it gives you the greatest degree of anti-oxidant on the market today, with current studies demonstrating up to 33 times the anti-oxidant strength as compared to red wine grapes. Acai gives your body the kind of energy as from your youth, and the vitality and greater stamina you once had while in your 20’s.  Consider trying the Acai product brand that we have successfully taken and you too will experience its natural power.

Today’s enlightening research on Acai has proven that these powerful and natural Anti-Oxidants are capable of attacking and regulating your cholesterol levels in your body.

Acai contains two central fatty acids recognized as Omega 9 and Omega 6.   Omega 9 fatty acids decrease LDL and help keep HDL levels.  Further ressearch proves that Omega 6 actually aids in reducing LDL–the damaging cholesterol.

Acai’s Anti-Oxidant elements have a big role in maintaining the vascular cardiac system; this is essential for smoother blood circulation.

Acai’s dark purple color exists because of polyphenolic compounds present. A major plant chemical in Acai gets much attention; this compound is known as anthocyanin. Anthocyanins are a cluster of Flavonoids which is broadly distributed in plants; it also gives a red to purple color to fruits such as grapes, raspberries, and blackberries. Furthermore, it contains the usual minerals and vitamins that are carried in most fruits.

Anthocyanins has been classified in the “group” of plant compounds known as Flavonoids. In fact, Flavonoids are a division of plant polyphenols which might have potential antioxidant abilities; researchers are currently studying Anthocyanins for their anti-aging and anti-cancer potential.  They are also now under investigation for their unique ability to stop LDL cholesterol, reduce blood clotting, and even guard cells against harmful carcinogens.

Anthocyanins counteracts enzymes which damage connective tissue. Their antioxidant ability helps in preventing oxidants from hurting connective tissues; it also aids in fixing the damaged proteins in your body’s blood-vessel walls.

Through the prevention of tyrosine nitration, the Anthocyanins found in Acai could assist in safeguarding against neurological illnesses. In fact, the central Anthocyanins found in Acai–recognized as Cyanidin-3-glucoside–have been discovered to aid in reversing age-related neurological problems.

Anthocyanins’ ability to fight oxidants gives them a favorably potent status in the battle against arteriosclerosis. Anthocyanins safeguards the soundness of your body’s endothelial cells which keep blood vessel walls in a line and assist in maintaining the integrity of  micro capillary.

In the case of Diabetes, the protection offered through Anthocyanins could help stop damaged capillaries from leaking, as well as help in preventing massive atypical protein production. 

Who needs antidpressants with natural acai berry to keep us feeling alive, focused and energized.  I believe Acai Berry would make a great antidepressant alternative.  Not to mention that I have heard most people lose a good amount of weight as well.  Let that be a warning to those who are under weight.

1. Acai’s high Protein levels, which are actually higher than the protein in an Egg, make it an ideal food source for protein in your diet. Usually protein comes with high levels of cholesterol, so simply replacing your morning Egg or Ham with equal weights of fresh Acai pulp is a very effective way to lower your cholesterol and still get enough protein.

2. Acai’s Antioxidant spectrum includes more different Types of Antioxidents than any other known food source. Let’s face it, no single antioxident will allow you to live forever. The hope is now that a regular intake of ALL antioxident types will give your body the best chance to slow or even stop the ageing process. If there is any food likely to prevent serious illness like Cancer, the Acai’s vast antioxidant spectrum is like a big, bright, purple beacon.

3. Specifically, Acai’s Anthocyanins (30 times the amount found in red grapes) are the most efficent way to ingest anthocyanins known to date. If you believe that the French Paradox is caused by Anthocyanins, as most nutritional scientists do, then this is a very important acai benefit to consider. 

4. Acai’s mineral Spectrum is also as complete if not more complete than any other single food source. It is probably true that you can’t survive your entire lifetime on any one food source, but Acai comes the closest with traces of every beneficial mineral known to mankind.

5. Acai’s Trace Elements are some of the most complete ever seen, both on the Macro and Micro scales. Dr. Schauss’s study was very explicit on this part of the testing, testing down as far as 2 parts per billion! They said that it was very challenging cataloging all of the different trace elements, and they beleive it has the most on record of any single food source as well.

6. Many other random Acai Benefits: High levels of glucosamine and other important nutrients round out this all-perfect food.

In retrospect, no one yet has been able to prove that many Acai benefits even exist. These are bona-fide facts, however, and they may only be the tip of the iceberg!

Let’s face it some of us have jobs we do not like, but do not have the means to quit.  Some have marriage problems, family problems, learning difficulties, dementia, overwhelming schedules, physical dysfunctions and more.  I believe we can all use a lift.  Why not do some research on your own and try some of these alternatives before swallowing antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications with already know side effects?

Enjoy life!

REMINDER: Side Effect is appetite suppression.

All information posted in this writing is the opinion of the author and is provided for educational purposes only.  It is not to be construed as medical advice.  Only a licensed medical doctor can legally offer medical advice in the United States.  Consult the healer of your choice for medical care and advice.

 This website may contain some copyrighted material. We reserve the right to reproduce such material under the Copyright Act, Title 17 US Code, Section 107, “Fair Use”, as we believe the public should be informed of such information so they can think for themselves rather than rely on advertisements and the word of others.

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  1. acai - monavie juice Says:

    nice site. Keep up the good work. Im going to add you to my rss feed.

  2. acai berry products Says:

    Very impressive list of benefits. Nice work, it’s one of the most comprehensive write-ups of benefits I’ve seen.

  3. acai - monavie juice Says:

    Great Blog! The acai berry has worked wonders for my health. Wonder why it took so long to find the berry.

  4. Mary Says:

    How this product would interact if the person takes low dose antidepressants? I searched the web and i could not find an answer….


  5. chris Says:

    Impressive list but why are there no links to citations of published scientific research?

  6. Your Friend Says:

    Hi Chris,

    Check out the book by Alexander G. Schauss, PhD, FACN, “Acai: An Extraordinary Antioxidant-Rich Palm Fruit from the Amazon”. He goes into other supplements as well that help with depression.

    I hope this helps!

  7. LaWanda Says:

    please notify with other information, and how can i add to as a feed?

  8. Your Friend Says:

    Hello LaWanda,

    You should be able to add an RSS feed to your blog and then enter our web link and create your own title.

    Your Friend

  9. Jean Says:

    Without any question of doubt, Acai berry is one of the most nutritious fruits in the world.Our reviewers tested 25 Acai products over the past 6 months. Most lacked results. For maximum nutrients, the Acai Berry must be frozen within 3 hours of harvest. The products below are freeze driedwithin 1 hour of harvesting. All offer Free Trials to try before you buy.

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