URGENT: Bailout Bill, HR 1424, includes Mental Health Parity!

As you  may know, the US Senate passed this bill. Now it heads to the House of Representatives  where  a vote is expected today – Friday Oct 3, 2008! The financial bailout portion was added to the Mental Health Parity, not the other way around.  Get it?  The only way that they thought that they could get the Mental Health Parity to pass was to cover it up with a large issue like the Bailout issue.  Smart on their parts!  Now let’s be smarter!  Call, fax and email your representatives today before they vote!  If you are not sure they voted yet or not call anyway.  Tell them that you oppose HR 1424 because of Mental Health Parity. Let your voice be heard!
Find your representative by zipcode: http://whoismyrepresentative.com/.  They supply you with phone numbers, web forms and addresses!
Remember: All the attention right now is on the bail out, not on mental health parity. If you simply call a legislative aide and say, “We don’t want this mental health parity bill to pass,” you are likely to get the answer that the House isn’t considering mental health parity, they are considering the Bail Out bill.

Therefore, to keep the message simple, the easiest thing to do would be to call in opposing the bail out because you don’t want mental health parity. NO to HR 1424! Get your friends to call!!

If this bill passes, it may lead to insurers being required to cover treatment for “disorders” included in psychiatry’s billing bible, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) , such as “spelling disorder,” “nicotine use or withdrawal,” “mathematics disorder,” “oppositional defiant disorder” and “sibling rivalry disorder.” All of which will obviously lead to – more psychiatric drugging!

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One Response to “URGENT: Bailout Bill, HR 1424, includes Mental Health Parity!”

  1. Your Friend Says:

    I just learned that when a friend was speaking with a member of his congressman’s staff that the entire email system had been shut down due to an overload of communications. The gentleman did give me an alternate email to use. So just as a tip off, if your email isn’t going through, call your Representative’s office and ask for an alternate address.

    I was able to email just fine yesterday. When I called my Rep this morning I got through quickly. But when I called Senator Feinstein her line was busy. You get disconnected after a 2 minute wait and then have to call back in 10 – 15 minutes. Then I got right in. When I called Barbara Boxer’s office she just had a recording and I left a message (no live person, no explanation. Odd!)

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