ADD, ADHD or N.D.D. (Nutritional Deficit Disorder)?

I was watching a television program this morning and there was a specialist who stated that if you think your child has ADD, perhaps they really have N.D.D.  He says it is his own term which stands for Nutritional Deficit Disorder.

There were three ingredients he mentioned to watch out for on all food labels that would help your child’s health.  They are high fructose corn syrup, anything hydrogenated and anything with a number in it.

The subject of soda was brought up.  He said that he calls soda diabetes in a bottle.  He was referring to all of the sugar in soda and how too much sugar causes blood sugar levels to be off and can cause diabetes.  He also mentioned that he does not refer to people as over weight, but as pre-diabetic.

He was asked what he thought of diet soda.  He said it is junk and suggested to eat real food, food that is grown. 

His helpful hints are to eat as much as you want; eat half as much and twice as often.  He stated the right choices are fish which is the best brain food and includes lots of Omega 3.  “The brain is 50% fat so you put fat into it. 

He was asked what are some ideas to get children to eat breakfast.  He suggested the chewable Omega 3s causing you to learn better and behave better.  Other foods included salmon, blueberries (the brain berry), oatmeal with organic yogurt and a bit of blueberries.  Nuts are also an excellent choice.  He reminded everyone to become grazers, eating often and less.  He gave some excellent ideas on how to make kids food fun: yogurt dip, broccoli treats, egg boats, cheese blocks and orange wheels.  It’s all in the names you give them.

The good carb has 2 friends: protein and fiber.  The friends hold the carbs back so that they do not get into the blood stream so that they do not hype you up so much.  But a bad carb has no friends.  It plays alone, like sugar. Good carbs are the carbs of those things that are grown. 

When asked if there is a good bread, he answered, “A good bread has fiber and protein.  If a child likes only white bread, you bring them to the store and ask them if they want their muscles to be soft and squishy like white bread or firm like the other bread.”

If you haven’t educated your child in this fashion starting from the start he says it’s still not too late. He says, “It’s called shaping young tastes.  ‘This what we eat.’  ‘They learn ‘I eat good, I feel good.’  Parents do not be a nutritional whimp!”   The following is an exerpt from a book he promoted “The Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood”

Excerpted from The Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood (Chapter 7; pgs 168-169) by Susan McCarthy, © 2008. All rights reserved.

Ten Ways to Get Your Family on the Right Nutritional Track

Here comes a practical, appetizing, easy-to-follow eating plan for shaping children�s tastes and metabolisms toward optimal health.

It’s hardly a secret that too many American children don�t eat right. The frequency and severity of childhood illnesses�from depression to diabetes, from limited attention spans to cholesterol imbalance�have reached an all-time high, and this alarming situation can be directly linked to the food kids eat. With ubiquitous fast-food restaurants, junk food in schools, and high-risk sweeteners and trans-fats in snacks marketed directly to children, parents need help!

This book provides help in the form of an eating plan that�s already proved effective for countless American families. Their plan identifies foods and eating habits that can counter or prevent many common illnesses. It explains how parents can shape young tastes to crave the right proportions of healthy foods, and how young metabolisms can be programmed to make the most of the nutrients kids consume while their bodies and brains are growing.

The Healthiest Kid in the neighborhood provides the tools, the tips, the knowledge that parents need in virtually every nutritional circumstance�from dealing with a picky eater to curbing an adolescent�s junk-food cravings.

A book that fills an urgent need! Doctors predict that today�s children could be the first generation in American history to have a shorter, sicker lifespan than their parents.

According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control: �Unless American families change the way they eat and live, one in three children born in the year 2000 will later become diabetic.� And diabetes can lead to heart disease, stroke, blindness, kidney failure, and other potentially fatal illnesses.

The eating plan can be followed by families of every means and background.
Publication coincides with the new school season, when just about every parent frets over what to pack for a child�s lunch. The answer is in this book!

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2 Responses to “ADD, ADHD or N.D.D. (Nutritional Deficit Disorder)?”

  1. patrick dunaway Says:

    Unfortunately many parents do not know that there are many natural and harmless, operating word being harmless, nutritional supplements that will handle this condition if it is truly a condition. Often psychiatrist make up diseases and syndromes and then the pharmacuetical companies make a drug to “cure”it but they know they cannot cure these things only medicate them.


  2. Your Friend Says:


    I agree! Some of those supplements can be found in my other articles when clicking on ADD or ADHD to the left.

    Thanks for caring enough to share your knowledge with others!

    Your Friend

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