Water Helps Anxiety, Insomnia and Weight Loss

Bodies can have minor meltdowns of their own if they don’t have the fuel that they need to operate.  Water is one of those crucial fuels.
If you have any trouble relaxing your body, sleeping, or losing weight, make sure that your body is being fueled with water on a regular and sufficient basis.

How much water should you drink?  Divide your weight by 2.  That figure is the minimum ounces per day that your body needs.

The longer you keep this in as your operating basis, the more your mental clarity and other body functions will improve.

It is important to find a source of water you love.   Fill up a 2 quart glass pitcher with anything that makes water tasty for you – mint leaves, lemon juice and stevia, etc. or you can carry this with you in an empty glass bottle such as a Perrier bottle. 

Fuel up!


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Best of health!
Dr. Anita Mary Pepi DC 

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2 Responses to “Water Helps Anxiety, Insomnia and Weight Loss”

  1. Cure for Anxiety and Panic Attacks Says:

    wow i’m badly in need to drink more water if I need to drink half my weight (ounces), I am just too lazy sometimes to even fill up my empty bottle at work.

    • Your Friend Says:

      Just remember that even water in excess can be dangerous. If your body holds onto it you can drive yiour blood pressure up, etc. Always consult a physician. i like to do new things a little bit at a time. It is a good way of testing to see how well the body does with it.

      Happy Holidays!
      Your Friend

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