An ADHD Success Story Without Drugs

On Atypical_Antipsychotics Yahoo Group a mother writes:

Dear group:

I deeply appreciate being invited to this group.

I also deeply appreciate all of the members of this egroup.  You are all “fellow warriors” in my eyes… for fighting Big Pharma’s many lies for the sake of profits, and at the expense of human health.

Many of you have heard of my son Willy Darman’s rather amazing story of recovery from other egroups, as I have widely been circulating it (and its revisions) around the Internet for a few years.  I sincerely hope that you enjoyed it.

For those that have not heard my son Willy’s recovery story, the following applies, as well as the links below:

My son Willy Darman has fully overcome classic bipolar symptoms (he had an undiagnosed but very real bipolar onset at six years of age), an ADHD diagnosis, and weak and sickly health as a child.

He did this with a very simple to implement nutritional supplement routine, the regular use of probiotics, a little dietary change, and “a lot of plain common sense”.

One of the things that is worthy to note in regard to my son’s rather profound recovery is that he, beginning as a learning impaired teenager at thirteen years of age, “essentially cured himself”.
Although I guided him from time to time, I am a non-custodial parent, and his mother did not help him with this much at all (due to the fact that she is not alternative medicine familiar).  Quite arguably, Willy, as a teenager, “cured himself”.

Willy’s recovery “seems to blow the medical model for ADHD, bipolar disorder, and depression to bits”.

How many more years must we continue to witness the drugging of millions of persons, including the drugging of millions of young children, simply because of Big Pharma’s greed, Big Pharma’s influence, and Big Pharma’s many lies?

I will fight Big Pharma forever, not only because of what they did to both my son and I, but because of what they are doing to the rest of the human race.


Allen Darman

Willy’s Three Year ADHD/Bipolar Recovery Story

Doctors Helped Cause Willy’s Sickness; A Picture When He Was Not Well

Simply look at the picture in the blog titled “Willy’s Three Year ADHD/Bipolar Recovery Story” of Willy at 17 and a half years old (this picture was taken in March 2008).

Then compare this picture to the picture of Willy at about ten years old contained in the blog titled “Doctors Helped Cause Willy’s Sickness; A Picture When He Was Not Well”.

These two pictures represent the power of Adelle Davis’s wisdom carried out with “modern supplement tools”; some of which were not readily available in her day.

Adelle Davis had the concept of broad based nutrition “right”. On page
106 of her book titled “Let’s Eat Right To Keep Fit” (copyrighted 1954 and 1970), Adelle Davis stated “Because all nutrients are used together in the body, health can be rebuilt faster when as many nutrients as possible are furnished together and thus made available at one time”.

An addendum: I continue to attach my son Willy’s picture to blogs on, as in regard to overcoming ADHD and manic depression naturally, he has set a course to follow for the entire world. Willy’s baggie of supplements and his taking probiotics daily continues to give him great results, and we continue to learn more and more over time. Willy is still only seventeen (he will turn eighteen in September). He continues to get healthier and stronger month after month. I am absolutely amazed that Willy, after being a weak and sickly child all throughout his childhood, can bench press
315 lbs., do seven one hand pull-ups, and can do handstands against a wall and then do twenty push-ups of his entire body with his feet in the air, despite his weighing about 170 lbs.. And after many years of mood instability in his early childhood, for the past four years Willy has been “mood stable as a rock”… unless he overeats too much of his allergic foods. (He knows how immediately correct for these very minor mood dips from his making poor food choices from time to time, and he
has known this stuff for years.)


2 Responses to “An ADHD Success Story Without Drugs”

  1. Tom Says:

    This is the very program I commented about on your blog a couple of weeks ago.

    I’ve been taking Willy’s baggie, and employing many other ideas from Allen for the past 2 months, and it’s completely turned my life around.

    Allen is a remarkable man, who has devoted his life to understanding health, particularly the link between digestive health and mental illness. He’s been exceptionally giving of his time personally to me, with detailed emails in response to my questions.

    The world is lucky to have someone like Allen, who has so selflessly given of himself to help his son and others like me.

    I hope his revolutionary ideas spread far and wide and I’m doing what I can to make that happen.

    Melbourne, Australia

  2. Your Friend Says:

    Hi Tom,

    Thanks again for your comment. It is wonderful that you, too, are dedicating your efforts to making this a saner and safer world without drugs and its side effects. Hats off to you!

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