Michael Phelps’ Mother is Paid to Advocate ADHD Medications

Michael Phelps, gold medalist swimmer in the Beijing Olympics, broke the world record for holding the most Gold Medals, 8!

In an interview with his mother by Baltimore, Maryland’s WJS, CBS affiliate, television station, she explained that Michael was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 9 years old. She first tried the route of behavior modification and medication, but then stopped the medication when he was 11. She decided to keep him on a regimented schedule and let him do his favorite sport, swimming, which burned up a lot of that extra energy.

“I said, maybe he’s bored,” Ms. Phelps recalled saying to his teacher. “Her comment to me — ‘Oh, he’s not gifted.’ I told her I didn’t say that, and she didn’t like that much. I was a teacher myself so I didn’t challenge her, I just said, ‘What are you going to do to help him?’”

Her decision to not keep him on drugs changed his life. Look at him now!

You know all the publicity that Michael created by his mother’s success in treating his hyperactivity without medication had shaken Big Pharma (The Pharmaceutical Industry). Yes. They were so scared they decided to hire his mother, Debbie Phelps as a spokesperson, ADHD Specialist, Dr. Patricia Quinn as a consultant and three other ADHD mothers to run a FACEBOOK page entitled ADHD Moms. Debbie Phelps is now advocating that medication and therapy is the way to go. Can you believe this? Here she was advocating no drugs then turns around and, for money, takes a job saying it is the way to go. Leave it to Big Pharma to pay people off to shut up! It must be a big pay check!

The FACEBOOK page, announced July 9, 2008, is sponsored by McNeil Pediatrics, Division of Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. McNeil Pediatrics™, Division of Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., owned by Johnson and Johnson. They are known as the makers of Concerta, a psychostimulant prescribed for ADHD.

Janssen, another Division of Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., manufacturers Risperdal, the anit-psychotic drug prescribed in the treatment of schizophrenia, bipolar mania, and irritability associated with autistic disorder.

Since the FACEBOOK page has personnel hired by a pharmaceutical company it really cannot be trusted because of the conflict of interest. They even set it up as a page instead of a blog, where one could leave comments or ask questions, which defeats the whole purpose if you are trying to help others. This just stops others from giving non-drug recommendations.

Janssen Pharmaceutica provides funding, in the form of grants for ADHD research, to Boston University School of Medicine, along with a host of other pharmaceutical companies. This is why research itself now a days cannot be trusted.

It was an earlier belief that children grew out of the disorder of ADHD until Big Pharma came along with their drug pushing. Now many children are being drugged unnecessarily. Of course children can grow out of hyperactivity. There have been studies that show that though some children’s brains develop slower than others, they usually catch up and mature in three years and are not as hyper as they once were. Toxins, food allergies, refined sugar, lack of exercise, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, too much television and more can be the cause of this condition as well. ADHD medications just add fuel to the fire. Why drug a child when there are alternative things you can do?

For the dangerous side effects of ADHD medications and alternative treatment see the following articles:

ADD or ADHD? Diet or Drug? Drug Side Effects

ADD and ADHD Drugs: FDA’s Black Box Warnings and Side Effects

ADD and ADHD Drugs: Ritalin, Adderall, Concerta – Linked to Sudden Death – Seek Alternatives

Psychostimulants: ADHD Drug Side Effects and their Street Use

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28 Responses to “Michael Phelps’ Mother is Paid to Advocate ADHD Medications”

  1. Tara McGillicuddy Says:

    The “ADD Moms” page on Facebook is just a page. It’s not a blog!! Many companies and groups have Pages on Facebook. Some people actually research Social Media sites and internet marketing before writing blog posts with false information.

  2. Your Friend Says:

    Hi Tara,

    Thanks for your comment. I have changed the wording of my article from “blog” to “page”.

    I actually did hours of research for this article and one article that I read stated the fact that it was a blog without comments.

    Thanks for the info. It’s so nice to get help from fellow bloggers!

  3. Erica Says:

    I am a professional in the drug rehabilitation industry and the number of people I do counseling with who have been put on these drugs as kids and are now full blown addicts of ADHD meds and other related drugs (methamphetamine and cocaine) actually makes me sick. These drugs make people worse and I wish that people would speak out instead of being swayed by Big Pharma and the almighty dollar. wwwDOTsouthernhealthcareresourcesDOTcom

  4. Your Friend Says:

    Thanks for your comment, Erica.

    Wow! So people who took ADHD drugs as kids have a higher chance of being a drug addict later in life, huh? If so, how sad!

    I viewed your website. It looks like you guys really have many areas covered in the workplace. I had an old boss that was hooked on psychiatric drugs that his brother the doctor used to prescribe for him. If our corporation had a program in-house that dealt with these situations he would still have his job today.

    Keep up the great work!

  5. Sandra Says:

    I am horrified that the Mother of a Gold Medal athlete would actually be a paid endorser of drugging children. The Olympic Medalists are some of the few heroes that kids have to look to as role models these days and the message “say NO to drugs” definitely conflicts with the “unless you are an Olympic athlete want-to-be and then you should take drugs like Michael Phelps.”

    This woman should be tarrred, featered and run out of the U.S. for sending this message out to kids and their parents. I am VERY disappointed in her non-existant ethics when it comes to servicg her own pocketbook at the expense of our society’s future – our children. SHAME ON YOU Mrs. Phelps!

  6. Megan Says:

    I think it is very back handed of his mother to accept this role. It would be interesting to know what her son thinks of it. I doubt he would be where he is now if she had kept him on medication!

  7. Your Friend Says:

    Thanks for your comment, Sandra.

    I just don’t think our society as a whole has the real story about “medication” really being a drug. They need to know that the effects of medications are not much different than the drugs on the streets and are usually just as addictive.

    I have read that those on ADHD drugs can become addicted to them and their family members even take these drugs to loose weight and also become addicted.

    Thanks again for caring enough to voice your opinion.

  8. Your Friend Says:

    Hi Megan!

    Yes. I was really shocked! I had received an email from someone informing me on how great it was that Debbie Phelps had handled her son’s ADHD without drugs. Further research showed otherwise (the 2 years he did take drugs). But I was still impressed at that point. Then finding out she was hired to be a spokesperson, for pay, for an ADHD pharmaceutical company just topped it all off.

    Thanks so much for your comment!

  9. Lois Says:

    With 8,000,000 children on psychotropics in the U.S. I am moritified to hear of yet another irresponsible mother plugging the benefits of these debilitating drugs. Thank goodness she had the good sense to take him off or one can be certain he would never have become the athlete he is today.

    There are many non-drug solutions. Even progressive doctors and psychiatrists know about amino acid therapies. Supplements that are completely natural that give the body what it needs without the use of deadly addictive drugs.

  10. Your Friend Says:

    Hello Lois,

    Great info! Thanks for your comment and suggestion!

    Yes. I read that amino acid therapy is based on the finding that reactive and inflammatory bowel states sometimes cause damage to the brush-type border lining of the intestine, leading to a high concentration of dietary protein and food antigens crossing over into the blood stream and consequently triggering multiple allergies. The therapy consists of special supplements containing probiotic factors such as amino acids, glutamine, hydrolyzed whey protein, gamma oryzonol from rice oil, and other essential nutrients and essential fatty acids. As the gut lining repairs itself the propensity toward allergy is diminished.

    Testing for nutritional status in ADHD has typically involved laboratory tests for nutrients, including the following:

    * serum vitamins, or functional tests of vitamin reserve
    * minerals (most commonly hair and/or red blood count minerals),
    * serum iron or ferritin,
    * essential fatty acids (EFAs) in plasma and RBCs,
    * serum or urinary amino acids
    urinary organic acids.

    Parents should insist on these tests or seek an alternative medical doctor.

  11. patrick dunaway Says:

    It is unfortunate that seemingly well meaning people in education and medicine are advocating and prescribing drugs for conditions that are being manufactured by the psychiatric industry who are in bed with the pharmaceutical industry-the psychiatrist dream up the condition (now it is too much text messaging and video games, yes actuall a “new syndrome” being created by psychiatrist) and the big pharma companies create the drugs and push the doctors to prescribe it and give them kickbacks to do it-these drugs are extremely dangerous and most of them have suicide or worse depression at the end of the road.

    Go to http://www.cchr.com to get the real truth about these drugs, the people who create them and the people who prescribe and push them.


  12. ZethByrd Says:

    Mrs. Phelps did the right thing when her son was young – look how competent he became! I hope she does more research, and returns to what worked for her, and her son, and promotes that. No money in it most likely, but the increased ability of other kids would be a great contribution!

    Thanks for posting the story.

  13. Scott Tregurtha Says:

    I am astonished that a mom could turn so at the offer of some money, but maybe I am naive. If any readers of this article think it’s unreal that big pharma BRIBES doctors, politicians and our own government then you may want to re-think that conclusion and do some research. Big pharma thrives on the ignorance of our people.

  14. Rita Says:

    Thank you for your post. Big Pharma continues to buy people off as in the case of Michael Phelps mother. She did right by her son by taking him off psych drugs after two years of use when he was 11 and set him on the right course to become an olympic gold medal winner. I wonder if anyone if there was a way to contact her and help her regain her integrity to say the truth.

  15. Your Friend Says:

    Hi Patrick!

    Thanks for all the data!

    Yes. It is very unfortunate that people in the education and medical field push these drugs. Yes, the medical field receives kickbacks and the schools not only get more money for special education when these kids are diagnosed with ADHD, but they also more easily meet the incentives of the No Child Left Behind Act, while experiencing what they consider to be an insignificant number of deaths in the process.

    Yes, CCHR.com (Citizens Commission for Human Rights) is an excellent source of information. Anyone can search just about any psychiatric drug, syndrome, etc. and get a lot of true data.

    Thanks again for your comment!

  16. Your Friend Says:

    Thanks for your comment, ZethByrd!

    Yes. It is a shame that she first went to advocating no drugs to advocating them.

    I read on article on About.com that Michael was the one who talked his mother into getting off the drugs. I’m not sure the validity of the statement, but if this is true, we should tip our hats off to Michael. What an incredible young man he is!

  17. Your Friend Says:

    Thanks for you post, Scott!

    Great point! Yes. Big Pharma does not do anything without something in it for them!

  18. Your Friend Says:

    Yes, Rita. Debbie did right by Michael, alright! I do have to acknowledge what a great job she did raising him. I have to give Michael a larger acknowledgment for being such a great athlete and so smart at such a young age, if it’s true that he was the one that got his mother to stop drugging him.

    Thanks for leaving a comment!

  19. Grndma of 10 - Great Grandma of 9 Says:

    After working and learning how children die by suicide after being on drugs available in the streets such as Ritilin given for ADHD and then drugs such as Prozac causing as teenager to kill his grandmother while under the influence of Ritilin first and then Prozac. I congratulate Debbie for taking Micheal off the drugs. But I have this question: supposing she had not and what would she feel like if she were a mother who saw her son die because a famous athlete and drug manufacturing company were willing to pay her off for encouraging others to use what may lead to horrid disasters.

  20. Your Friend Says:

    Hi Grandma of 10! (Wow!) I have 3 of my own. Aren’t they wonderful?

    I totally, agree with you! If the shoe were on the other foot, I am sure she would want that spokesperson to pass up that opportunity. Our society really just lacks the education. That’s why I am here.

    Thanks for leaving your comment!

  21. RST Says:

    Great blog, thanks for covering this and the other stories. It really is astonishing and perplexing to learn of this!

  22. Your Friend Says:


    Thanks for your acknowledgement. Yes, perplexing it is!

    Everyone should check out the latest article about ADHD and more. It contains a lengthy video that all parents should see.

    Just click on ADHD in the left navigation panel and find “The Drugging of our Children Video: ADHD, School Violence…”.

    There are also several new links under “Free Books and DVDs” in the right-hand navigation panel that I just added which are very pertinent.

  23. generationrx Says:

    Thanks for doing your part to promote the issue. People need to know the marketing power behind these pharmaceutical companies and the disregard for the safety of the children. It’s just disgusting.

  24. generationrx Says:

    I just posted a link to this blog on twitter.

    • Your Friend Says:

      Thank you for posting this on twitter. Can you leave me the link? Thanks for leaving comments! 🙂 We can win this war on psych drugs together!

  25. Your Friend Says:

    Gen Rx,


    I watched the trailer on the film. It looks great. I will definitely check it out. Have you seen the one on http://www.cchr.org? It also comes on DVD, but it’s free on their main page, “Making a Killing, an Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging” and then there’s “Psychiatry’s Prescription for Violence”. Check them out!

    Your Friend

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