Lithium Side Effects

I ran across someone who was requesting help through their blog. She has been diagnosed with BiPolar Disorder and Hepatitis C. She is currently on Prozac and should not be taking it due to the Hepatitis C. Because she cannot afford any alternative solutions she instead is going to a well known hospital for free for more drugs. They will be giving her Lithium which she has taken in the past when institutionalized. Since she has had a previous operation at this hospital she believes these doctors are experts and will not harm her.

I beg to differ. Through my own experience I know that doctors do not know all. They just learn what others teach them and from what they read. Please see the information below on Lithium and its side effects. I think you will be shocked. If after you read the information below and decide to stop taking Lithium, please do not do so cold turkey. See for a free online book entitled, “How to Get Off Psychiatric Drugs Safely.” Their system helps prevent most or all of the horrible withdrawal symptoms associated with such drugs. It’s free! What can you lose? The success stories they have published are amazing!


Lithium is a mineral given in salt form. It is found in tiny amounts in minerals, water, plant, animal and human tissues. However, just because it is a naturally occurring substance, do not make the mistake of thinking it is safe.

One of the most dangerous effects of lithium prescribed to patients is that in order to achieve a “sedating” effect, the “therapeutic” dosage that psychiatrists use is near toxic; i.e., so poisonous that it can cause serious harm or even death.

Medical experts state that the almost inevitable result of lithium not being metabolized is that it can lead to kidney damage. Lithium is even more hazardous when too much of it accumulates in the body and the toxicity from this can also lead to permanent brain damage and death.




Birth defects if given to a pregnant woman
Blackout spells
Blurred vision
Cardiac arrhythmia
Decreased appetite
Difficulty thinking
Frequent urination
Increased thirst
Muscle twitches
Sexual problems
Slowed intellectual functioning
Swelling of ankles and wrists
Thyroid problems
Uncontrollable tongue movements
Weight gain

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4 Responses to “Lithium Side Effects”

  1. hymes Says:

    And nephrogenic diabetes insipidus in the majority of folks who take it long term–NDI causes frequent urination and increased thirst and long term damages the kidneys and can be permanent.

    Thanks for this great list. I have kidney failure from taking lithium as prescribed for 12 years, no one warned me of the dangers nor of the signs of toxicity. Anyone who takes it should be aware of the signs of toxicity including vomiting which I was told was not a sign of problems early on.

    Can’t imagine giving to someone with Hep. C. If they have liver damage from the Hep. C. and then get kidney damage too, oh my. What are they thinking?

  2. Your Friend Says:

    Thanks for your comment, Hymes.

    I have entered your comment on the blog of the gal I spoke about. Though she going to still go to this hospital she appreciates everyone’s advise because she likes to know what options she has.

    This is all we can do. At least she is going with more information than she had before. I will send her the link to the new article I posted “BiPolar, Schizophrenia, Mental Health Cure Since 1952”. This tells how Vitamin B3 (Niacin) has cured mental illness since 1952.

    Thank you for sharing your story about lithium side effects.

    Your Friend

  3. shaz Says:

    Hi there.
    just looking up the side affects of lithium after i was on it with a FALSE diagnosis of bipolar. I got severe diarrhea and was in a zombie status most of the time, sleeping till 1:30pm and all night as well….. I stopped the lithium and seven months later i am on liver cleans and ethical nutrients and have had a day of no diarrhea …. yeh. firm stools on there way.
    And the acute mental health at my local hospital has cleared me of mental health illness. I am happy ….
    it is amazing how Dr’s and Nurses are back in the 60’s and believe what a estranged husband would say about his wife….. leave her in a mental health unit for months, and never visit etc and have the Dr believe the husband on what the wife is like in mood etc…… total lies……unforgivable lies…..
    after that admission, my husband spent 45mins w another dr and then he spent 5 mins w me and threw me a packet of Seroquel 300mg to take…. i was so shocked and upset, and couldn’t cope on 100mg, so weaned myself off them before the diarhoea started from the lithium i was on too and Zoloft.
    life is good drug free, just have to clear my body of the drug build up now.

  4. Your Friend Says:


    Way to go girl! It’s probably the smartest decision you’ve ever made, not counting losing your X! 🙂

    What country do you live in?

    Do you need help with anything else?

    Your Friend

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