Download Free Online: Side Effects of Antidepressants, Antipsychotics, Psycho-Stimulants, Tricyclics, MAOIs and Anti-Anxiety Drugs

Antidepressants are now being prescribed for the following (so called mental illnesses):

 ·     Phonological Disorder: substituting all sounds made in the back of the mouth like “k” and “g” for those in the front of the mouth like “t” and “d”, e.g., saying “tat” for “cat” or “dive” for “give”. This is even diagnosed in children who are just learning to speak.

  • Caffeine Related Disorder
  • Conduct Disorder
  • Mathematics Disorder
  • Nicotine Use or Withdrawal Disorder
  • Non Compliance With Treatment Disorder
  • Separation Anxiety Disorder
  • Sibling Rivalry Disorder
  • Phase of life problem
  • Unspecified mental disorder (which means they can diagnose any behavior as a disorder.)

In many cases doctors recommend antidepressants, even if the person is not depressed.  Antidepressants and antipsychotics are being prescribed for back pain, Premenstrual Syndrome, female hormone imbalances, thyroid conditions, dementia, and more.

To begin with there is no proven scientific evidence that antidepressants do anything good for anyone, depressed or not.  On the contrary, there is scientific evidence that antidepressants cause many physical and psychological side effects, including anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and even death.

BIG PHARMA (The big pharmaceutical companies) promote that these drugs are a cure all, but in fact BIG PHARMA is shelling out millions of dollars to researchers, swaying the results of studies.  People are being drugged in our society to a point where they cannot feel or even think straight for that matter.  This makes for an easily controlled society.  Then just place their ads on television, radios and billboards giving us orders, “Buy Today!”, “Call Now!” and we, like puppets, do as we are told to do.  That is the objective.  Have you ever seen an ad on the internet that flashes over and over again?  Well, that’s just another method of brain washing. 

The tobacco industry is good analogy.  We all know that tobacco can cause cancer, yet our government still allows the sale of tobacco.  In 1965 they mandated the Surgeon General’s warning on cigarette packs.  Now the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) has mandated that pharmaceutical companies warn the public that Antidepressants and Antipsychotics may cause suicidal thoughts, violence, physical conditions and more.  When will our government learn that they are there to protect the people?  Since this is not occurring the next best thing is for the people to protect themselves.

If I sound a bit bitter today it is because everyday I read articles about psychiatry and what new disease they have entered into The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) (an American handbook for mental health professionals that lists different categories of mental disorders and the criteria for diagnosing them) and everyday I know that BIG PHARMA is behind it all.  Others refer to the DSM as the psychiatrist’s billable handbook.  One of the newest diseases I heard about for which antidepressants are now being prescribed is something to do with not doing homework.  When will it all end?

If you wish to learn more about these drugs you can obtain a fee online book on the side effects of common psychiatric medications (new and old) by visiting  On the right hand side of the page under “Get the Facts” click on “Drug Side Effects”; register and then an automatic download will perform so that you may obtain the White Paper entitled, “The Side Effects of Common Psychiatric Drugs.”  Now that I am able to help others learn this vital information it has made my day!



Older Antidepressants Newer Antidepressants (SSRIs) Psycho-Stimulants Antipsychotics Newer Psychotics
Adapin Celexa Adderall Amidate Abilify
Anafranil Cipram Benzedrine Arvynol Ambien
Asendin Cipramil Concerta Dalmane Clozaril
Aurorix Citopam Cylert (now removed from market) Demerol Compazine
Aventyl Cymbalta Daytrana (skin patch) Depakote Lamictal
Desyrel Deprax Deaner Doriden Reserpine
Dutonin Deroxat Desoxyn Dormalin Risperdal
Elavil Dobupal Dexedrine Geodon Serentil
Eldepryl Endronax Focalin Haldol Zyprexa
Emsam (skin patch) Effexor Metadate Largon  
Endep Eufor Methylin Lidone  
Eutonyl Faverin Provigil Loxitane  
Janimine Fluctine Ritalin Mellaril  
Ludiomil Fluocim Sparlon Moban  
Manerix Gladem   Navane  
Marplan Lexapro   Nembutal  
Merital Lustral   Neurontin  
Nardil Luvox   Nozinan  
Nefadar Paxil   Orap  
Norebox Prisdal   Permitil  
Norpramin Prozac   Phenergan  
Nortilen Psiquial   Proketazine  
Odranal Sarafem   Prolixin  
Pamelor Sercerin   Proscom  
Parnate Seropram   Quide  
Pertofrane Seroxat   Repoise  
Remeron Strattera   Serlect  
Saroten Symbyax (Antidepressant/Antipsychotic mix)   Seroquel  
Serzone Tolrest   Sparine  
Sinequan Veritina   Stelazine  
SK-Pramine Vestra   Taractan  
Surmontil Zoloft   Tegretol  
Tofranil     Thorazine  
Tryptizol     Tindal  
Typtanol     Topamax  
Vivactil     Trancopal  
Wellbutrin     Triclos  
Zelmid     Trilafon  
Zyban     Versed  


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  1. Pat Says:

    I am sure the psychiatrist want to catch all of us using this one – Unspecified mental disorder (which means they can diagnose any behavior as a disorder).

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