Anxiety or Depression due to Hyperthyroidism or Hypothyroidism

Hyperthyroidism (an over active thyroid) can cause severe anxiety as well as depression.  Hypothyroidism (an under active thyroid) can cause depression.  General practitioners and endocrinologists often treat these symptoms with antidepressants.  In some cases patients are referred to psychiatrists who then prescribe antidepressants, or worse, antipsychotics.  Most of these doctors do not inform their patients of the harmful side effects.

A patient with hyperthyroidism has their entire metabolism on over-drive.  The symptoms can include accelerated heart beats, high blood pressure, nodules (lumps in the throat), forgetfulness, anxiety attacks, overwhelm, exhaustion, aches and pains, tics, shaking, nervousness, insomnia, heat intolerance, sudden weight loss, claustrophobia, paranoia and many more.

Hypothyroidism symptoms include, but are not limited to fatigue, depression, weight gain, cold intolerance, excessive sleepiness, dry hair, constipation, dry skin, muscle cramps, increased cholesterol levels, decreased concentration, vague aches and pains and swelling of the legs.

How can a doctor diagnose symptoms like this in a 10 or 15 minute visit?  They usually cannot.  That is why thyroid disease often goes untreated until the patient is in severe trouble.  Alternative medicine’s viewpoint on this matter is that symptoms show up way before blood tests can confirm that there is a thyroid issue and once the thyroid is 60% underactive or overactive it then shows up as irregular in thyroid test results.

When a patient is lucky enough to be correctly diagnosed they often are at their wits ends and are willing to take anything prescribed to them in order to obtain relief.  The best treatment for any illness or disease is the one that directly addresses the source of the problem.  A patient comes in and is complaining of not being able to perform the way they used to.  Often before the blood tests even come back, if tested at all, an antidepressant is prescribed.  Perhaps they are depressed because of weight gain, have an increased appetite (in the case of hyperthyroidism) or just cannot lose weight.  Do doctors explain all of the side effects or any of them?  Most often, not.  These antidepressants and antipsychotics can worsen the symptoms.  Why would anyone prescribe someone a medication (and I use that term loosely), that would do more harm than good?  Antidepressants are toxic.  Antipsychotic drugs are even more toxic.

When antidepressants such as SSRI’s (serotonin reuptake inhibitors) are prescribed expect such side effects as sexual dysfunction, nausea, nervousness, insomnia, agitation, decreased sweating, increased body temperature.  Symptoms can worsen when taking other medications or supplements that effect serotonin levels such as St. John’s Wort and SAM-e.  When the antidepressants do not work doctors sometimes combine SSRI’s and MAOI’s (Monoamine oxidase inhibitors = powerful antidepressants) resulting in more serious, potentially life threatening side effects such as Serotonin Syndrome (serotonin toxicity), with side effects such as fever, confusion, muscle rigidity, cardiac, liver or kidney problems.

Some drugs CAUSE hypothyroidism such as the Lithium (antidepressant), Amiodarone (slows down heart rate), and other drugs used for epilepsy, such as Phenytoin and Carbamazepine.

I do not see doctors going the distance.  They should be advocates for your physical health as well as your mental health.  How many times have you gone into a doctor’s office and the solution was a prescription?  All too often I am sure.

Going to the pharmacy to fill a prescription today?  Know before you go!

Alternative Therapies for Thyroid Disease

Foods that depress thyroid activity: broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kale, mustard greens, turnips, soy, spinach, beans, mustard greens.  Therefore these foods should be avoided for hypothyroidism and included for hyperthyroidism. In either hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism you should avoid alcohol, caffeine, refined sugar, dairy products and wheat.

Excellent supplements are essential fatty acids, as found in flaxseed, which are anti-inflammatory agents (which are also good for fibromyalgia patients) and Calcium Magnesium combined.  You should supplement 3 parts Calcium to 1 part Magnesium.  Magnesium helps your body assimilate Calcium.

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  1. ASG Says:

    Hi! Your article was quite informative. I have a very successful career of 10 yrs in banking and i developed thyroid about 2 yrs ago. I am also happily married since 5 years.

    Of late i have started feeling depressed and emotional without any specific reason. I have also become quite forgetful. My doctor is quite good and gives me reasonable time, but it doesn’t actually suffice.

    What can actually be done to avoid depression and the general low feeling. It gets more pronounced around my periods. So i don’t really know whether i should relate this with PMS or thyroid or both? I never had any PMS before my thyroid problem started. I was a very confident and self-assured person.

    Other problems are confusion, forgetfulness and irregular bowel movement, all of which compound the issue.

    Any suggestions / solutions?

  2. Your Friend Says:

    Hi ASG!

    Thank you for leaving a comment. I am glad that you enjoyed the article.

    I am so glad that you have a doctor who does not rush you out the door. That is rare. I had an MD that told me since he is limited to 15 minute visits he would send me to different specialists so that eventually he had the whole picture. And then each time after I saw the specialist he would schedule me for another follow up visit with him, giving us additional time. He said that is why he doesn’t like practicing medicine in the U.S.

    I am not a doctor, therefore cannot give you any medical advice, but I do have a few questions. Do you have hyperthyroidism? Was it stress related? When did your thyroid symptoms begin? Are you taking any medications?

    The more information you leave the better others can help you.

    I myself have taken Vitamin B Complex for depression for years. I seldom become depressed, even with my thyroid condition. When I did, I would just increase my vitamin intake. I started out with a little and slowly increased the dosage.

    Exercise is very good, too, especially outdoor exercies. Try walking 30 minutes a day in a different direction every day. A change in enviorment can work well, too.

    I went through a lot of forgetfulness with my hyperthyroidism. The lack of sleep was causing a lot of it, not to mention that my mind was racing all of the time because of my body working much faster than it is suppose to work. It was on over drive. I believe individuals with hypothyroidism become forgetful, too. When your body is not working optimumly your mind does not either. Or perhaps it is the other way around.

    Well, I hope this forum can you help you by listening and giving you some decent advise. Tell us your full story.

  3. Dr. Anne Dunev Says:

    There are many aspects to thyroid issues. You do not mention if you are medication or what the medication is. In clinical practice I often see that synthetic thyroid hormone replacement is not adequate for some people. There is also the issue of iodine and some people respond very well to iodine supplementation. The early endocrine work on thyroid replacement hormones (Harrower) found that sometimes other glands, such as pituitary and/or adrenals, also needed support. I suggest that you visit an alternative practitioner to get a whole body evaluation. It is very possible that you will find relief from your symptoms if you receive the exact help your body needs.

  4. sue W. Says:

    In Response to hyper thyroid.
    I was diagnosed 4 yrs ago with hyper thyroidism. I went from 110 pounds to 60 almost overnight. I was hospitalized and told I was going through the “storm”. I was told that I had no choice but to take radio active Iodine to kill the thyroid because there was no cure and I would have to take a pill for the rest of my life. I asked if there was any herbs or other to handle. I got a flat out “NO” and if I went that route he would not take care of me.
    I went on the net out of desperation and found a Chinese herb called Thyroid – Throu. I ordered and although I was only able to keep one of the capsules down out of three I felt better. It took a year because of an advanced condition but I finally licked it. I kept on a maintenance program for awhile and I am glad to say I have no relapse and I still have my thyroid. I do not have to take a pill for the rest of life.
    Doctors are too quick to mask problems and not handle or find the real solution. They work from pills only and make the pharmaceutical industry richer. I have heard many stories of people who have taken the radio active Iodine and have had major problems after.
    Radio active Iodine is given in a room that is protected and people can not be in the room when you drink it. In other words it is very dangerous – it is readio active.

  5. Davi Freeman Says:

    Dear ASG,
    I had the same symptoms. Your symptoms can be related to both female hormone issues and hypothyroidism. I recently read an excellent book that answered all my questions about subclinical thyroid issues. I also recommend a great book on how to understand and find out what bioidentical hormones can relieve your difficulties. I’d suggest first reading about hypothyroidism, because its effects on the body are pervasive and can throw other hormone systems out of whack.
    These books are: “Hypothyroidism Type 2, the Epidemic,” by Mark Starr, M.D. It’s available on Amazon. The one on female hormones is “Natural Hormone Balance for Women” by Uzzi Reiss, M.D./O.B. GYN, also available on Amazon. These books were extremely enlightening. I’d also suggest a natural thyroid supplement called “Thyodine” available on online at It is superior!
    Best wishes, Davi

  6. Dr Pepi Says:

    I can help you solve this.
    Dr Pepi

  7. evaniejane Says:


    I am also not sure if you deal with a hypo or hyper thyroid issue, as they are very differently handled. I am also not an MD, but I have been dealing with my own hypothyroidism for 17 years now. I also had a close friend go through severe hyperthyroidism (Graves disease), so I know a bit about that side of the coin too.

    Either way, you deal with emotional “issues” and depression, etc. I have found B-complex a must must must, and even supplement it with a little extra B-1, which keeps me sane through the physical stresses of the condition, as well as everyday stress of work, life, kids, etc.

    I recommend picking up a copy of Adelle Davis’s book, Let’s Get Well. It is not a new publication, but the information she gives still holds true, and she can recommend the right solutions and nutrients, without the focus on pharmaceutical drugs, for whatever you are dealing with. I have one and I find it more than useful.

    I also recommend calcium & magnesium in a 2:1 ratio – you can find this in powder or capsule form in most decent vitamin shops these days.

    Hope that helps!

  8. Rose Says:

    I am not a trained doctor or nutritionist. But I am pretty educated on the subject having dealt with thyroid and PMS for many years and only now in my mid 50s having solved my own situation.

    I have tried nearly every thyroid handling, fatigue handilng, exercise, yoga, vitamins, diets and just smiling no matter how I felt and “being positive.” While there were some temporary results, there was always a relapse because the actual root condition was never addressed. I have taken both artifical and natual thyroid supplements in varying amounts. When I told the doctors that there was still something wrong they accused me of not taking my medication.

    I was even referred to a shrink but I refused to go as I know that phyche drugs never help.

    Unfortunately, giving a person thyroid supplements is often counter productive because the most widespread thyroid condition, called hashimoto’s disease, actually is made worse by standard treatments. In this condition the real culprit is the pituitary. This gland can go haywire and send out hormones to suppress the thyroid. It is an autoimmune reaction where the pituitary acts as if it is allergic to the thyroid hormone being put out and attacks by producing something known as thyroid suppressant hormone.

    The harder the thyroid works, the harder the pituitary fights it. When the thyroid backs off, there is still a period where the pituitary is still producing the thyroid suppressant hormone. This makes a person very depressed.

    Then the pituitary crashes and the thyroid kicks in and you start to feel better but the whole thing just starts again as the pituitary is once again stimulated to suppress the thyroid.

    I used to actually count the number of days in the week when I did not cry. At one point I was elated that I had gone 5 days in a row without crying.

    When the doctor gives you a thyroid supplement, all this does is stimulate the pituitary to suppress the thyroid even more. So, no matter which way you go you are out of luck and have mood swings and depression.

    I finally found a natural doctor here in LA who not only understood what was happening, but knew what to do about it. He treated me with intravenous vitamin C and a natural substance called Pataba.

    This is a potassium compound that must be gotten with a medical prescription. It is primarily used for skin conditions. However, all of the “side effects” have to do with the metabolism and emotions. I found that it made me less tired, more cheerful and I had no food cravings. My thyroid then began to work without the pituitary kicking in to stop it. On top of all this, my cholesterol has gone down and is holding steady at a safe level.

    If you do have hashimoto’s (this is confirmed by blood tests) then, your medical doctor just does not have the correct technology to help you. Perhaps you can show him this message or find a natural physician and show this to them.

    As I said, I am not a doctor. I am just someone who searched and searched until I found an answer to my problem. I hope this helps you find your answer too.

    • Bernice Says:

      Rose: I have hyperthyroidism, can you send me the your doctor’s information or how I can get the natural substance called Pataba? thanks, Bernice

  9. patrick dunaway Says:

    Check out nascent or magnescent iodine for thyroid issues-also Dr Brownstein and Dr Mark Sircus works and articles on iodine.


  10. BELLA Says:

    Dear ASG;
    I am not a doctor. But the first thing that came to mind in reading your comments is ‘what changed’? When you didn’t have all of these symptoms, and then did, “what changed”?
    Discovering that could be the start of finding out what is acutally going on with your body and you can then take it from there. And by ‘what changed’ I literally mean any and all changes.

  11. alicat Says:

    I had thyroid problems for several years and every symptom you discuss based on everything I’ve read and have been told by my doctors, and experienced myself, is ABSOLUTELY related to thyroid issues! You need to find a better thyroid doctor. I had to go to several doctors until I found one who looked at my symptoms and told me I had every single symptom of thyroid disease and prescribed me thyroid. It had to be adjusted up until it was the right dosage, even you’re taking thyroid now it may not be the correct dosage.

    You need to absolutely find the correct thyroid doctor. I am telling you that every single thing you mention here is a thyroid disease symptom!! All those symptoms can be handled with the correct handling, rather than masking the symptoms and ignoring the actual problem by taking anti-depressants.

    Good luck! Please check for another doctor if your doctor doesn’t feel you have untreated or undertreated thyroid disease. I actually found mine by going to a website where people talked about their medical issues and recommend doctors who handle them.

  12. Patti Says:

    Hi, it sounds like with your fluctuating moods, that hormones are definitely kicking in. My MD gave me hormone pills which I hated, and then got on something for estrogen deficiency that made me worse too. I started taking one ounce of noni juice a day and it completely regulated my periods! I didn’t even know they were coming because all my cramps and PMS were totally eliminated. It was miraculous!
    I have low thyroid. I’m on armour thyroid, a natural prescription supplement, but I suggest you get to a great nutritionist who tests you for heavy metals, which often lie below many of the chronic body problems we have that don’t resolve with nutrition. We all get exposed to them, mercury, lead, etc. just by being in an industrialized environment and heavy metals can suppress the thyroid and wreak havoc with the body. I was recently surprised to find I had extremely high lead and somewhat high mercury. I’ve never had any type of special exposure to lead, and was amazed.

    Also, anyone can recommend supplements, but if you don’t know what YOUR BODY needs, because every body is different, you may just make yourself worse. My nutritionist gave me the natural supplementt 5-HTP in a spray form and it KILLED my depression and crying and negative emotions immediately. I felt a million times better. I’m also on a good over-all vitamin and mineral program and I’m eating organic, with lots of veggies.

  13. RS Says:

    The only thing I can say is that I have battled my own thyroid and hypothalamus issues with uncontrollable weight gain, fatigue, etc. The things which are working for me are Wulong tea, green tea and most especially, drinking Kangen water. Kangen water has helped me feel more energetic and my thyroid symptoms are going away since I changed to Kangen water; also, I’m losing weight.

    I would definitely never take psychiatric drugs and I’m skeptical about other pharmaceuticals, as well. My cousin’s sister-in-law committed suicide after being on anti-depressants and she wasn’t suicidal in her thoughts or actions until she started taking the prescription. I don’t want anyone else to lose a family member just so a big corporation can make a profit. Those are concerns you can address with a physician when you decide what course of action to take in treating thyroid and other conditions.

  14. Your Friend Says:

    Dear ASG,

    A friend passed along the following information for you:

    Great book called “just because you’re depressed doesn’t mean you have depression” by Dr, Mary Ann Block

    Also CCHR [] can recommend some good organizations, doctors and website for further help .. the first one on the list I got was Safe Harbor

    In Altadena, CA 626-791-7868


  15. Your Friend Says:


    Please find a holistic health practioner’s advice below:

    Please tell her that I’ve worked in the field of Holistic Health (drug-free health care) for nearly 30 years. It appears she already knows the source of her problem – her thyroid gland is not functioning correctly. She’s absolutely right! The thyroid gland produces some 32 different hormones. It is an amazing gland. Hormones are “orders” given to the body that balance everything from sleeping patterns to weight control, including the female functions (PMS) and brain balance (mood) she mentioned. She’s correct! She is looking for a practitioner trained in Clinical Nutrition that can help her with nutritional support for her thyroid gland. This will assist her body to rebalance her hormones and come right. A very good Oriental Medicine Doctor or Naturopath could also do this work with her. Each drug-free practitioner has different abilities and skills. She should expect results to begin to improve her condition within a week. If this does not occur, find another, more skilled practitioner to work with.

    She can absolutely balance her body without drugs. Her Medical Doctor’s tests may not locate the thryroid problem. She will know there’s a problem well before her doctor will find it. Further her doctor will not know how to balance her thryroid gland… he is only trained in using drugs. She’s right, drugs will not solve her problem! The thyroid drug he is trained to prescribe is only 1 of 32 hormones. It is much more successful to rehabilitate her thyroid gland with natural medicine and balance 32 things, not 1 thing.
    Thousand Oaks, CA

  16. Your Friend Says:


    Tina says “Dr. Alfred Garbutt, Chiropractor, LaCrescenta, CA and nutritionist has helped me with my thyroid and the emotions that go along with it when it is not functioning properly. He has nutritional supplements which improve handle the situation. He can be found on the web.

    Also Kevni Trudeau’s Book “The Truth They Don’t Want You to Know About” explains what is happening to the meat products in our country and how that effects the thyroid and womens hormones. But Dr. Garbutt could probably educate her on this as well.”

  17. Your Friend Says:


    A couple of people forwarded me their advise. Here is Carisa’s advice:

    “You need to get the book The Mood Cure, if you’re taking thyroid now which I do recommend if you are borderline or worse, Armour thyroid. There’s a great website called I believe it is. Robert Mathis in Santa Barbara is a good cheap hormone Dr. who works with a compounding pharmacy. You need to check into some aminos. Don’t spend $1200 getting a bunch of hormone tests. Read Suzanne Somer’s books on all the natural hormone replacement therapies and if you;re having trouble sleeping I recommend Source Naturals sublingual melatonin the orange flavor 2.5 mg. I take 5 mg each night. Also if you are having trouble with periods now, Adelle Davis, Cal Mag supplements with D3 the weeks before period makes hugest difference. so much more I could tell you but that’s off the cuff. I am not a Dr., just researcher.”

  18. Jim Mark Says:

    This is a great article and on a subject I too have a passion for and have written a number of online articles on. Mood drugs are extremely beneficial in their proper place but should never forego proper testing and diagnosis of underlying diseases and health conditions that commonly cause emotional symptoms including the major cause of them being thyroid disorders. When these type causes are ruled out, these drugs can then be an important option.

  19. Dr. Charlene Thorburn RN, DC, DABCO Says:

    Getting to the root cause of your problem is important. Sometimes several organs of the hormone sysytem need help and treating only one will not give you complete resolution. Often the adrenals are fatigued leading to the heart losing some of it’s cellualr energy resulting in a fatigue that may not respond to thyroid medication.

    An alternative health practitioner who is able to evaluate and treat the subtle changes in your organ systems will help you find to right answer. Fatigue and depression can have several causes nad all the causes need to be resolved.

  20. Your Friend Says:

    Dr. Thorburn,

    Thank you so much for your advice. I am sure that many readers will benefit from this as well as myself.

    Best regards,
    Your Friend

  21. Olivia Says:

    I am LOVING this website!! I feel so liberated finally having all my suspicions about the Medical / Pharmaceutical industry. I have been a victim of their games for a long time even though I knew it was rubbish. I really really hope someone can help me with my Thyroid problem. I was diagnosed with a Papillary Carcinoma (Thyroid Cancer) in 2004 (2 months after my baby was born). The doctor was extremely aggressive and told me that they have to remove the whole thyroid immediately and booked me into surgery. They put such fear in me, that I said lets do it. I feared that I might not live to watch my baby grow up. The cancer was less than 1cm in diameter, and I was not given the privilege of Informed Consent! I then felt the doctor was too aggressive and I cancelled the surgery and went looking for a second opinion. The second opinion (an Oncologist) said she did not handle patients with papillary carcinoma’s. So she referred me to an Endocrinologist. He was also horribly aggressive and explained that I need to go into surgery asap. I felt as a mother I had to do what I needed to do, to ensure I would live and be able to raise my son. So I agreed to surgery, which left a nasty scar on my neck (at 25 years old). And they popped me on Eltroxin (GSK) 0.1mg. I suffered every side-effect from the med’s, weight gain, panic attacks, depression, memory problems, skin problems, dry skin and hair, extreme fatigue and mental confusion, tachycardia and heart palpitations. All of this while trying to raise my son as a single mom. The doctor’s prescribed Cymbalta, Espiride and Ativan to me to suppress the side-effects. I threw the Cymbalta and Espiride away after reading the leaflet and checking on Google what they are about, and took a few Ativan’s when the panic attacks got so bad that I almost had a Car accident, or reached points that I thought my heart was going to collapse. Then I threw the rest of the Ativan away since I did not like the way they made me feel.
    I still suffer from some of the side-effects of the eltroxin, and the Doctors say I have no choice but to stay on Eltroxin for the rest of my life.

    MY BIG QUESTION is…. Is there ANYTHING else I can take??? Since I have no thyroid tissue left, and apparently (according to the Endocrinologists) I have to keep suppressing the Thyroid tissue, because if more thyroid tissue grows there could be a risk of the cancer re-occurring.
    My current endocrinologist says that the cancer cell was so small that the previous Doctor should have left the one lobe of the thyroid.

    Please tell me there is something natural out there that I can take in place of the Eltroxin???
    I am so desperate!!
    Thank you.

  22. New online Says:

    hi……. i like this blog. its really informative. its such a interesting and knowledgeable topic.every one wants to remove depression from the root. its very important 4 us to know about all this. so its a nice article.

  23. Your Friend Says:

    New online,

    Thank you for the acknowledgment! 🙂

  24. lori Says:

    My son is diagnosed with bipolar i disorder. We recently found out he has severe hypothyroidism. He has been on the highest dosages of antidepressants available along with serequil get this 2000 mg and 1200mg of topamax and 40 mg of abilify and 300 mg of welbutrin and 250 mg of zoloft . The psychiatrist put him on so much medicine before diagnosing his thyroid. I don;t kknow what to do. He was told to go on thyroid medicine on top of all these drugs. He has to be reduced off these drugs I know that and so does his psychiatrist . He also takes zanaz. This is a big mess. What has this medicine done to his brain. I am sick inside. I want to know why he was not tested for thyroid problems first. My son likes his doctor and has faith in him. I truley believed he had severe mental problems. But after reading several articles about hypothyroidism and that it can be confused with bipolar disorder and delusions hallucinantions and schysophriania. I am almost positive he is none of these. I am afraid he will go into a coma on all of these meds. I am going to start reducing his serequil tomorrow to 1900mg for 5 days and then 1800 mg for 5 days. My son sees his psych doctor every week and is on call for him 24 hours a day. He will be having an
    EKG done Monday. I am so scared for him. What a terrible mother I am. Why did I not know the signs and symptons. I refuse to let this go on. This is a horror story. don’t ever let anyone put you on psych drugs unless your thyroid is checked out first. Please talk to me .

    • mam Says:

      Tell all the psychiatrists in the world this! They don’t seem to know this.

      • Your Friend Says:

        mam, I understand your frustration. I feel that telling most psychiatrists this would not help. We just need to get the word out to as many people as possible so that they all can make decisions for themselves! All adverse side effects should be reported to the FDA’s MedWatch program. I also think everyone should do something about the medical community that does not operate on Informed Consent, meaning they should inform you of not only the full side effects of drugs, but explain all alternatives to taking them!

  25. Your Friend Says:

    Hi Lori,

    Oh my goodness! I have heard of a lot of people taking multiple psych drugs, but this tops the cake! I understand your frustration, but do not blame yourself. You are not alone in trusting doctors and psychiatrists. You have learned and now it time to do something the right way.

    PLEASE do not play with fire. Do not take your son off of these psych drugs alone. I tried this with my own mother once and every time she would have a psychotic episode. These drugs are designed that way. Lose if you take them and lose if you don’t.

    I suggest you visit I just contacted Jim at the Road Back this week. We’ve been emailing each other. He has years of experience and has helped 30,000 people SAFELY taper off of these types of drugs. He was just saying, “Calcium is great but the wrong type and at the wrong time will cause harm to anyone on a psych drug.” Therefore you really need to know what you are doing. In reading their free online book you need to taper off extremely slowly. He has it down to a science. He knows the supplements you need to take, too, and how much. I suggest you check it out. I have no financial gain in referring him either.

    I also suggest you check out and report this abuse! They are the Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights.

    I hope everything works out well for you and your son. How old is he?

    Your Friend

  26. lori Says:

    My son is 19. He has taken so many psych drugs I cannot count them on my fingers. He has been to so many doctors I cannot count them on my fingers. I tok your advice and tapered him down off the seriquil to only 50 mgs. I will watch him closely. I am scared. I want him to be well. He is on so many anti depressants I do not know what to do any more. I am consulting his psychiatrist tomorrrow about the tappering process. He wanted to wait until april to have his blood rechecked again to see if he was on the right dosage of thyroid meds before tappering him off the anti psychotics. He then stated he wanted to tapper him off abilify first. He is on 40 mg of this. I am experienced in medication due to the fact that I gave meds to a boy that was diagnosed with many learning disabilities. My mother and I are a team We I guarantee you will take care of him no matter what it takes. My son is aware of what is going on and knows when his symptons are not right. I will take your advice and read the book and hope and pray that God will take over and help me guide him in the right direction. His doctor is aware of the situation he has goten my son in and is willing to try and do right by him. I will read every article and research every thing and use my voice to let him know if I believe he is doing something that might hurt my son. If necessary I will find him a doctor at ST, Mary;s in Minnessota. My mother and I have been there with my son also before. This is the challenge of a LIFETIME FOR MY SON AND MYFAMILY. I will keep in touch. Thankyou for caring enough to write me so soon.

    Love Lori

  27. lori Says:

    I went on line and found all the substances used for the road back home at the GNC store I am going to print this all out and give this to my sons psychiatrist and and ask him if we can do this program it looks perfect for what my son needs to help him feel better to get him off the meds or down to a proper dosage until we find out the appropriate dose of thyroid medication for him. I will soon let you know I am going to GNC to buy the products cross your fingers and pray for my son and everyone else out their who has the same problems. I will pray for them to.

    Thankyou so much for some good advice.


  28. Your Friend Says:

    Hi Lori!

    I am so happy that you are reading the free online book at I wouldn’t do this alone if I were you, though. At least your son will see his doctor soon. If I recall, I thought there was some supplement listed in the book that was sold by the people at that website. Isn’t there? I think it has a mixture of ingedients. Maybe I am mistaken.

    I do not believe your son’s psychiatrist will go for any supplements. Psychiatrists usually do not promote alternative medicine practices.

    Medicine is not my background and I am not a doctor, therefore I cannot give you any medical advice, just point you in the right direction. I hope they can be of assistance to you.

    I hope your son gets to the point where he’s off all of his psych drugs soon. And may he never be the same again!

    Your Friend

  29. Lori Says:

    My son will be seeing a specialist or endocrinologist Wednesday.I talked to his psychiatrist today due to my son sleeping all day long today. He has been on thyroid medicine now for three weeks. He agreed to drop his seriquel 200mg and his ability will be dropped to 30mg so he will be tappered ten my tomorrow. He is sleeping again but this is due to the thyroid medicine kicking in. This is why I am sending him to a specialist and keeping his psych doctor to make sure all my I and t are crossed. They can also discuss with each other since they both work for the same hospital. I will keep in touch I hope my findings can help other people so they do not end up in the same predicament as my son and they don’t have to suffer. Lori

  30. Anonymous Says:

    I am taking my son to a thyroid specialist Wednesday his psych doctor and she both work at the same place so they can discuss my sons case. His psych doctor agreed to reduce his seriquel 200mg due to him sleeping all day today and tomorrow he is reducing his ability 10 mg hopefully my son will be off all these psych drugs soon. But will me tappered down appropriatley I would not undergo this task without a professional my son has been on his thyroid medicine now three weeks and according to the psych doctor it is working and now we must start tappering his psych drugs. Iwill keep in touch so this will never happen to another person like it did my son

  31. lori Says:


    I made an appointment with a specialist an endroconologist . He will be seeing her wed. His psch doctor and her work for the same outfit so they can get together and discuss what is best for my son. He has now been on thyroid meds for 3 weeks and the effects of them are taking. He slept all day and is sleeping now. I contacted his psch doctor two times today and he agreed to start tappering him off serequil and abilify. immediately. I tappered him off 200 mg tonight of serequel and 10 mgs of abilify will start tomorrow. I then I have to wait app. 10 to 12 days to get this out of his system and tapper some more. During this time he will be gettng blood tests again and EKGs he will be monitored by my family and both doctors. Lets pray that he will get through all of this. His moods are stabling very well but serequil is a strong drug that is very sedative. He was so manic before he got on thyroid medicine. I checked the records of the internest that he was taken to in June of 2008 and he did a thyroid test ,but not all of them like his psych doctor. I was not very happy with this, but I am glad we found the source. I am writing to everyone on this board and whoever gets on this board to make sure that you have all tests ran on your thyroid before you are diagnosed with bipolor disorder. So you do not have to go through the hell that my son has seen and gone through. Please understand that many people still could be bipolar and thats not such a bad thing but it is ashame if you are not and you are put on antipsychotics that could be toxic in my opinnion if you have hypothyroidism. Please don’t let this happen to you or anyone you care for. Lori your friend

  32. Your Friend Says:


    What I do not understand is why is your son still seeing a psychiatrist if his condition is due to a thyroid problem? Can’t the MDs work it out from here? As long as your insurance is footing the bill psych seem to never discharge patients. Get him out of there! The doctors probably don’t like the psych because that’s all they usually do is push drugs!

    Another great reference is Safe Harbor at Check it out! There you can find an Alternative Mental Health Practitioner all around the world!

    Your Friend

  33. lori Says:

    This is a very complicated disease and must be treated by a psychiatrist if I want my sons drugs tappered down. I am thankful enough that my son was diagnosed with this before it was to late. I believe this is a silent killer and I to believe that most psychiatrists are in it for the money. He could have said nothing at all.,but instead we are all working together as a team to get him tappered off with out going crazy. Have you ever been on antipsychotics? Have you ever seen the inside of those mental institutions? If not I suggest you go to one and take a long look at the care of the patients. I stay with my son and monitor him all day and night to keep him safe emotionally. I have an on call doctor with him at all times when ever he needs him he has been there for him. I truly thought he was doing every thing within his power to help my son. I still do. I just believe that this is going to take some time and patience. My son is not physically harmful to himself or others. He is sick just like someone who has cancer. He is being monitored and taken off the antipsychotics but again I must stress to you my friend that you have to know how to tapper off these drugs and My son trusts his doctor and so do I. Without him we may have lost him to hypothyroidism. Before judging a doctor you must understand the whole senerio. This is quit imposible for me to do in one typed letter. This would take many months and I don;t have the time to try and make you understand that. People who love and care for someone will go through each hurdle without stopping. And this my friend is exactly what my family and his doctor is doing for him. I realize he was on a lot of meds. but he was out of those mental institutions. Now we just have to get through a nother hurdle. This doctor has been a psychiatrist for 36 years and has great creditials. I am his mother and now I have to monitor him at home just like a psch nurse would do at those mental hospitals only better because of the love that I have for my son. My son has now been tappered down to 1400mg of serequil a day and 20 mg of abilfy a day so far . We are working on the antidepressant called zoloft right now he has tappered him only 50 mg due to not throughing him in a manic state. You need to research all the psych drugs that I have and understand that hypothyroidism is no place for psych drugs. The doctor has kept us all aware of this,but we cannot move to fast. I don’t even think My son would be here without that doctor that you say wants his money. My son knock on wood has not been in any trouble with the law or gone in to any mental hospitals since he has been with this particular doctor. Before he was at every hospital and they did not know what to do. He is off all street drugs and alcohol since he has been with this doctor for over a year now. He has done this with the care of this doctor and he himself wanting help and reaching out to someone he trusted. I believe in miracles. Do You? I think this will be a miracle when it is all over with and know I am not crazy.Just thankful for what we have found and now how to cure this horrific problem. We are making progress. He is eating out with my parents and I now. He is more social. He is sitting down and caring on conversations with my family without exlpoding with anxiety. These are great accomplishments. He has a ways to go but believe me we will get there……

    Sicerely Your friend

  34. Your Friend Says:

    Dear Lori,

    From your earlier emails I had no idea how bad your son was doing. It is great that your son’s psychiatrist is taking responsibility for tapering him off of the psych drugs. Perhaps I misunderstood earlier, but I thought that you were upset with the psychiatrist because he/she was the one that put him on the drugs to begin with, not knowing he had hypothyroidism, but that you were happy that the psychiatrist was willing to take him off of them. I guess I didn’t really understand how you felt. My apologies.

    You sound upset now compared to your earlier comments. Did someone give you some advice that was different than how you were feeling before? I recall you were going to GNC to get the supplements that you found on The Road Back website. How did that go?

    Or perhaps you are upset because I asked why don’t the MDs take over from here???

    Yes. I do know that psych drugs and thyroid problems do not mix. That is the whole purpose of my article.

    I have seen the inside of mental institutions and know more than you could imagine of what goes on in them. They are run by the psychiatric field. That must tell all of us something.

    I do volunteer work that helps shut down the facilities that abuse patients, misuse funds, etc. You can’t imagine how many do. I also do volunteer work for an organization that fights the abuse caused by psychiatrists. You cannot imagine the abuses in this field in general. It ranges from overdoses to sexual abuse and worse.

    I had a family member who was an inpatient. After being in there she became worse and they wanted to give her electric shock. Her husband had to fight that one, and won. Thank goodness! She had an extra material affair and became depressed with guilt. They gave her Prozac which caused her to want to hurt herself. She actually cut herself and became suicidal. That’s when they decided to institutionalize her. After her insurance ran out they sent her home, still on Prozac. Her husband talked them into stopping the Prozac and she instantly stopped hurting herself. It was the drug all along.

    I also had a mother who had been on several antipsychotics. They all had such horrible side effects! She died from the side effects of Zoloft, an antipsychotic They weren’t suppose to prescribe Zoloft for older people or for children. It caused my mother to not be able to swallow properly and she died from food in her lungs, causing her to not be able to breathe properly which caused a heart attack.

    I am therefore happy to see anyone get off of psych drugs. In most cases there is something physically wrong with a person who suddenly starts acting differently, as was the case for your son. I am just thankful they found out it was his thyroid.

    I was able to be treated with a Beta Blocker for my hyperthyroidism which was a miracle drug for me! Thank goodness I passed on all who wanted to prescribe me antidepressants.

    You are a good mother to give your whole life to your son’s care. I know that is what it takes.

    I have so many stories, but I, too, do not have the time to write them all.

    If the drugs are being tapered off VERY slowly, as I advised earlier, I am sure he will be fine. I also know that the supplements at The Road Back help with the withdrawal side effects.

    Yes. I do believe in miracles! I also believe that your strong intention to get him through this, as well as his own intentions, will get him through.

    I am glad that he is able to get out and socialize. It sounds like he is making progress.

    Keep in touch when you have time.

    Much love and luck,
    Your Friend

    • smoothlady37 Says:

      I’m sorry but zoloft is not an antipsychotic drug it is an antidepressant and if your mother died from food in her lungs it’s called apiration pneumonia.

      • Your Friend Says:

        Hi smoothlady,

        I do not know where I referred to Zoloft as an antidepressant. I did, however, mention Zyprexa being an antipsychotic, which is the drug that caused my mother from swallowing properly. When we took her off of Zyprexa her swallowing returned to normal. When the emergency room returned her to Zyprexa, without our knowledge, her swallowing problem returned. When this happened the food she ate starting going into her lungs causing pneumonia symptoms. This killed her!

  35. lori Says:

    Well , we have a problem that has occured. He is breaking out with acne from the hypothyroidism. I talked to the pharmacist on call and had him check out the thyroid medicine he is on synthroid. This he told me does not cause acne. I then called his psch doctor who is on call and will call back soon. to let me know what to do next. I am worried. My sons face was always clear. He never had acne once. I am looking up side efffects and noticed one of the effects of hypothyroidism is severe acne. In this case I wan’t to get this under control as soon as possible. He is breathing somewhat better, but still has spells. His moods are not as stable as they were since we reduced him down off some of his meds. It has beeen about 5 days just for the meds to start taking effect with the withdraws. He is sleeping now. So I have some time to talk, but I must research further. If you find something let me know. I believe in what you are doing for patients in the mental facilities. They put you in there and they think they know it all. WRONG>>>>>> They need to stop and think before diagnosing someone so quickly. I found this out the hard way and so did my son. Take care and keep in touch. as I will with you.

    Love Lori

  36. THARA Says:

    As I was reading your article I found a mistake in the following sentence which does not make any clear sense,

    “Therefore these foods should be avoided for hyperthyroidism and included for hyperthyroidism.”

    The above comes under the subheading
    “Alternative Therapies for Thyroid Disease”. Please correct it.

  37. Your Friend Says:


    Thank you so much. Noted and corrected! This is such vital data. I am glad that you stopped by. Up until now no one had mentioned it. 🙂

    Your Friend

  38. Anonymous Says:

    hi my son isgetting his blood checked tomorrow. Have you ever heard of thyroid therapy to cure bipolar disorder symptoms? This was an interesting article that I read on the web. Mysonsmoods are stable since he started taking synthroid he has now been on this to 2 months. He is back to sleeping to much again so it will be time to tapper him off serequil again after the tests come back. Doc says must be careful or we could throw him into hyperthyroid . Please keep my son in your prayers he is starting to act like my son again. If you find any interesting articles let me know. Check out thyroid therapy for bipolar disorder tell me what you think. Lori

  39. Your Friend Says:

    For those of you following Lori and her son’s story, she wrote me via email with an update:

    “hi my son is comletly off abilfy 40 mg. He went through severe depression but now can sit down and watch tv he only takes one Xanax at night .we are still working on seroquel and welbutrin zoloft and topamax he sees his psychiatrist Friday. He is no longer depressed or breahing heavy. I believe he needs to taper off seroquel again but I don’t want to rush this until we get his thyroid checked again I want to do this before april what do you think?”

  40. Your Friend Says:


    What do I think? I think that this is wonderful news!

    I apologize for not writing sooner. I have many new projects in the loop.

    I am all for anyone getting off psych drugs as soon as yesterday. As I stated previously, I am not a doctor, but from my research, I found that as long as your son is being tapered off very slowly this is an excellent idea. If not, he will present symptoms of that drug or of withdrawals which could be dangerous.

    Please post a comment and let us know things are going now.

    May your son be better than ever!

    Your Friend

  41. Anonymous Says:

    My son had his thyroid checked again he has increased his dose to 75 mg he still is experiencing hypothyroidism and wenow are at a standstill with his mess we now must wait for at least another 2 and a half months before testing him again he is doing much better his moods are more and more stable and seems to be doing better but in my heart he is not ready yet. Patience is not my best virtue but I have learned this is so important not to rush this in fear of pushing to fast and causing hyperthyroidism. My son still has anxiety and does not like any kind of arguing. He will get off this serequil but iknow it is going to take time. Anyone out who believes in cures and miracles please pray for my son as I pray for everyone that suffers. Take care and I will keep in touch

  42. Lori Says:

    Thyroid is still low increased to75mg 2and a half more months then we can tapper again what a long process must be patient.pray fort son pray for a miracle he deserves it like all of you do that have been keeping track of my story.

  43. pamela Says:

    I had my thyroid tested upon the recommendation of my ENT because of hearing loss. It was indicated that it was high normal. I was told to keep an eye on it. I have been experiencing swelling of the legs, anxiety, paranoia, depression, unable to sleep some nights, hand shakiness on occasion, night sweats and heart palpitations. Since I am 46, I just assumed that i am peri-menopausal. By reading all of the responses, I may be experiencing hyperthyroidism. Is this correct? What kind of doctor do I need to go see? I would appreciate all responses.

    • Your Friend Says:

      Hi Pamela,

      I know what you are going through, but there are two things I have learned along the way:

      1. If your levels are normal there is nothing any doctor will do for you even if it is your thyroid. But they can do something for your symptoms. When my blood pressure was elevated I ended up having to take a beta blocker which calmed down my all of the other symptoms such as hands shaking and heart palpatations and just about everything else. I too, was peri-menopausal. Perhaps this all goes hand in hand. Who knows? Bottom line, I was really stressed at work at the time. I think that played a large roll, too. Have you had your FSH level tested lately?

      2. There could be other conditions which can present your symptoms. The type of specialist one sees for a thyroid condition is an endocrinologist. They could not help me until my TSH and other thyroid levels were out of range. The one thing that they finally did do once they were out range is to give me a test to see if I had thyroid nodules, which I did. When my levels were in the normal range they became smaller. It has been about 4 years since then and I still have a tiny nodule that they keep an eye on by ultrasound ever so often.

      Hang in there. There is all sorts of alternative medicine you can try but be careful. My successful action for stress over the decades has been taking Vitamin B1. I started out taking 50 – 100 mg; and over the years progressed to taking 500 mg daily. My nutritionist suggested that I could be presenting symptoms of deficiencies in other Vitamin Bs and C by taking so much, so I try to balance all of them out by taking more C and B Complex. Everyone else suggests taking B Complex versus just the B1, but it is hard to find a B Complex that provides me with enough B1.

      Your Friend

  44. Anonymous Says:

    Love this e-mail site….Just had a total Thyroidectomy last December. Was put on Sinthroid 0.088MCG to start off with. I usually felt O.K. in the morning, and then would crash in the afternoon. My symptoms are now escalating to sleepless nights, losing much hair, and extreme fatigue all day and feeling blue! My endocrinologist wants to retest my levels, but what else can I do? I desperately want to feel better. Please help!!!
    In Austin

  45. Your Friend Says:

    Hi Anonymous in Austin!

    I only have personal experience with hyperthryoidism. From what I have read, when you have a thyroidectomy you may experience hypothyroidism until they get your medication (thyroid) adjust correctly. When you experience hyperthyroidism symptoms it means that you are intaking too much thyroid supplement. Sleepless nights, huh? That sounds like a hyperthyroid symptom. At least that is what I experienced. Definitely get your levels checked. One of my doctors used to like to base diagnosis upon symptoms, not just the blood test results. Hopefully your doc will do the same. Who is to know what your normal levels were before you had thyroid trouble.

    For help with sleep I love to take Cal/Mag (a powdered form of calcium and magnesium that you put in boiling water). It really helps relax me. Another thing that is helpful is resting and taking your mind off things well before bed time.

    Sometimes people with thyroid trouble get so wrapped in their bodies (I did), that they cannot think of much else, which keeps them awake.

    Are you taking supplements? Have your calcium levels been checked? Calcium can be stripped from your body from being hyperthyroid. For energy there are several Vitamins and Minerals available: Vitamin E, Vitamin A and more.

    How is your diet? Are you getting enough protein? That provides a lot of our energy too, especially when mixed with carbohydrates. When eaten together, proteins slow down the digestion of the carbs; and energy from the carbohydrates is released slower enabling you to sustain your energy level. Definitely research this online yourself. In addition, have you made note of the food lists above?

    As for hair loss, I experienced this with hyperthyroidism, though I also had the Hashiomoto’s and Grave’s antibody. The only thing that helped me was a beta blocker (blood pressure pill). I only had to take that for a few months. It slowed down my whole metabolism.

    Just know that other people experience this and when the docs adjust your thyroid supplement all be normal again. At least that is what a friend told me after she had her thyroidectomy. She is in her 60s and works about a 12 hour day 6 – 7 days a week.

    Good luck!
    Your friend

  46. Your Friend Says:

    Hello everyone!

    I wanted to share thyroid patient successes from Dr. Pepi in Southern California. She also does telephone consulations:

  47. Linda Says:

    I am so grateful for this blog and information and testimonies.
    I have been feeling really bad for so long and went on antidepressants in Nov. 2009 I have been getting blood work done a lot lately and i show hyperthyroidism. I am still depressed and I google depression and hyperthyroidism and I came up here. I am so glad because I just called the doctor to up my antidepressants and then read this and cancelled the request. I also found out through this site that I was eating everything they say not to for hyperthyroidism. I am going to go off my meds slowly and cleanse my body and change my diet. I am so encouraged. I am hopeful. I felt like I was going crazy. I was nervous and anxious all the time. Not sleeping and getting tired and short tempered and angry. Crying all the time. I would do the feel good thing like they said for a bout a week and then crash and feel fatigued and depressed and so on. I can’t wait to get started and I am going to go back to my natropath and a endocrinologist or a doctor that will do bio identical hormones. I will not do surgery or drugs. I will go naturally. I will up date here as I make progress. I am looking forward to feeling normal and not feeling crazy. YA!! Best to you all. Linda in Michigan

  48. Your Friend Says:

    Here is a comment that was left on a different page that relates to this article:

    “HELLO FRIEND! love your blog site…lots of great info. I am a little confused, tho, by one of your entries and would like to clarify. You wrote: “Foods that depress thyroid activity: broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kale, mustard greens, turnips, soy, spinach, beans, mustard greens. Therefore these foods should be avoided for hyperthyroidism and included for hypothyroidism.”

    it seems to me that if a food DEPRESSES thyroid activity, then that food would be GOOD for HYPER thyroid, and NOT GOOD for hypothyroid since if would further depress the thyroid.
    was this a typo in your blog, or a misunderstanding on my part. I think I am hypothyroid and I have been eating LOTS of Kale in the past 7 months…:- which, if I am interpreting the first part of the statement correctly, the kale is making my problem worse! but the second part of the sentence, contradicts that. could you clarify your intent?

    thanks so much for a blog worth reading!”

    • Your Friend Says:

      Hi MB! Thanks for catching this typo!!! In addition, thanks for the words of encouragement and for leaving a comment/question. Yes. Those items are good for hyperthyroidism and bad for hypothyroidism.

      Here is a more recent reference that I just found in regards to hyperthyroidism:

      Use noniodized natural Sea Salt in place of table salt
      Limit sugar and white flour
      Avoid caffeine and alcohol
      Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits
      Eat at least 60 grams of protein daily
      Eat whole grains instead of refined grains
      Consume a sufficient amount of Omega-3 fatty acids
      Avoid trans fat and refined vegetable oils
      Eliminate aspartame from diet
      Avoid MSG
      Avoid Red #3 which contains Iodine
      Avoid other preservatives


      Here’s a great article which includes a list of foods that suppress thyroid hormone levels:

      “Certain foods contain chemicals which block the production of thyroid hormone, particularly cabbage, broccoli, rutabaga, cauliflower, kale, Brussels sprouts, watercress, and peanuts. Cooking partially inactivates the interfering chemical, known medically as a goitrogen. Thus, in most cases it is wise to eat these foods cooked. Raw peanuts or soybeans should never be eaten. Fortunately, peanut butter is heated to a high enough degree that the goitrogens are destroyed.”


      Good luck with correcting your diet!

  49. Your Friend Says:

    Here’s an update:


    Is there any truth to the hypothyroidism diet? Can certain foods increase thyroid function?
    from Todd B. Nippoldt, M.D.
    Generally, there’s no hypothyroidism diet. Although claims about hypothyroidism diets abound, there’s no evidence that eating or avoiding certain foods will improve thyroid function.

    If you have hypothyroidism, take thyroid hormone replacement as directed by your doctor — generally on an empty stomach. It’s also important to note that too much dietary fiber can impair the absorption of synthetic thyroid hormone. Certain foods, supplements and medications can have the same effect, including:

    ■Soybean flour
    ■Cottonseed meal
    ■Iron supplements or multivitamins containing iron
    ■Calcium supplements
    ■Antacids that contain aluminum or magnesium
    ■Some ulcer medications, such as sucralfate
    ■Some cholesterol-lowering drugs, such as cholestyramine and colestipol
    To avoid potential interactions, avoid these products or use them several hours before or after you take your thyroid medication.


  50. Genny Says:

    I think you mean claustrophobia rather than ‘cloisterphobia’ which would be a fear of churches rather than small spaces.

    • Your Friend Says:

      Thanks Genny! I copied these side effects from another site and did not catch the spelling error. It is now corrected. Thanks again!

  51. B cullen Says:

    There is a typo above in your description of hypo symptoms; you have written hyper, confusing !!!

  52. Jeff Says:

    For lori, Iodine, Iodine, Iodine. Insist on talking about this with your doctor and nutritionist as it appears to be imparative for proper thyroid treatment.

  53. Rebecka Says:

    I have been telling drs for years I have hyperthiroid it is 0.893 it needs to be 1.3 to 3.0 so I went to naterals sence my child hood side effects resulted in server deppression do to antipsycotict and antidepression medications side effects of thease are. Clinical depression drug related , caused fibroidmiasia , adreanal fuitege , lithum gave me hypothyroidism till 6 months after I got off it, suacidal and homacidal features , tartive diskanisa (nerve death, retardation) slowed my thinking so far down that I could not think and failed high school, caused mental confusion, and gave me anereixa nervosa and boughts of binge eating when I am stress I refuse to eat I am 10 lbs under waight. The meds also caused more stress do to traumas as a child refused to be seen by state officals, killed my kidneys almost I have to drink 1/2 iadized salt for kidney and adreanal hydration and to up my brady cardyact my heart was 54/64 and I past out I found out due to the antipsycotics about 4 years after taking it. Drs refused to help me. I was told by a nurse to get away from the drs due to they where going to kill me with a heart rate like that. So I I ued my brain abd asked the dr. for a test till she gave it to me for addisons disease. I had all the symptoms but the sodium levle was almost to low I told my drs. I took iadized salt before I came in or I wouldent have made it in on time. Low patassuim levles. Low calcuim levles. Ext. Evry thing was low by this I dignossed my own illness but due to the cortisol levles being almost high enough but alittle low the doctos failed to dignose it. After me telling them I draink salt. Do to a adreanal diease that is faital. The nurse was right regulat my blood pressuer. What the drs. Didnt know is salt is a cortisoid a seteroid. And people with addisons disease have to take steroids like prenisone or cortisone. Cortisods same thang other than one is chemical one nateral. Sence then I have regaine my life after. And my creatine in my kidneys was 1.6 per kidney failuer. Well when you equil thyroid, kidney, adreanls and low heart rate your body is a disater plue fibroidmiasia or a knot in you back this is due to three problems low aldesterone and inflamation problobley cased from undignosis of strep b in early childhood. Drs. Refuse to fix things on dsh medical due to the selcted theroy. Now that I am all nateral. And smart I put my self on my own medacation naterally. I use 5 htp for pain to eat 4 meals a day and to turn my nights into days and for server pms. Thyroid without thyroxine bolvine for hyperthyroid, alfa liptic acid for sugar control, alkili for heavy metal poisaning causing my hyperthyroidism, and B5 1000mg for stress adreanal glander for my adreanals, iadized salt 1 tsp to keep my kidneys functioning and help clean out my liver as well as for my addisons diease for aldesterone to reach my brain and to replenish my orgins with fluid and raise my heart rate to normal 80/135, I drink teas like black tea and kidney cleansing teas and green tea to detox my body, I also use licorice root to heat my blood with the iadised salt note it feels like prickles comming out when I sweat this is due to toxins comming threw the pours it lasts for ten minets. Before I learned to warm my blood I never sweated. Then I found out my core temp was hypothermic so I freeze. Given I had been in a coma at 16 I think my electrolite imbalance was to blame. I could drink 2 gallons of water be serverly constipated and still feel thisty threw the day probly due to me drinkin to much water deluting the salt in my body for to much liquid. Being allergic to alcohol and taking antipsycotics when I was 16 caised a full body system to over carbonate with carbon monoxide causing carbon monixide poisaning internally. At least that was my conclusion. And my body couldent handle it due to low blood pressure and low sodium.
    Well my stomac is another thing 360 mg patassium for a stool softner due to costapation. And focuse facter. For serperb calmness for adhd adult and anxity attacks as well as emotional stress t39 for servear P.T.S.D or postramatic stress dissorder or shell shock, how ever thease build up in you system and you have to have 2 weeks before you get back on them so you dont over dose your self. I also take 1000 mg folic acid for adhd and b 12 1400 mg for deppression I am allergic to st. johns wart.
    The beauty of natrels is you can go off them cold turkey but not medications if you not alllergic to the herb you wont have many side effects. But st johns wart made me irritable and angery and gave me an emotional up set. How ever this is what I did for my self. Sence the dr lyed to me. I feel human again I also take testro max for men given I am a girl with an aweekend amd copermised immune system. Testosterone is a womens immune system. And a steroid. All hormones are steroids. How ever I listed what helped me I am not a dr or natralpathic dr. this is for me and I dont take them all at once. I spred it out over a weeks peroid or use them on diffrent days. Moderation needs to be good to much of a good thing turns bad. How ever thease are medications and the strangths are as well.
    Note ask your health care provider before the use of naterals or if you mix sertin types of naterals with medications it can put you in a coma or kill you. My warning to all who read this always ask a health care provider before taking naterals.

  54. Anonymous Says:

    Hi, ok im confused on what to do ? Ive had hyperthyroidism for ever since i can remember, im 20 and also have type 1 diabetes. I got pregnant, and wasnt on my lomitrigine because i thought it would do more harm then good to the baby, but ever since about 28 weeks pregnant i have went through some serious depression and anxiety, i couldnt sleep i couldnt eat and lost 8 pounds in a week even with being pregnant, my dr put me on zoloft and i went through a spiral and became even worse . To shorten things up they finally put me on lomotrigine for the levothyroxine, and its actually classified as a “a” drug, meaning its better for the baby for me to take it then not.. But they also wanted me to take lamictal and seraqual, but im still mot feeling relief and im starting to wonder if it was just the thyroid problem and if i stop taking the medicine then ill feel better ? Idk what to do and hate taking medicine in fear that the baby will suffer from it . I am now 32 weeks.

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