Free Online Book “How to Get Off Psychiatric Drugs Safely”

If you or someone you know suffers from anxiety, depression, nervousness, stress, or any so called mental disorder then perhaps you are taking one of these drugs.  Often those who suffer from pain or any other ailment or disease are prescribed psychiatric medication.  Heavens, doctors even prescribe these drugs for pre-menstrual syndrome or just a stomach ache. 


These drugs are set up in such a way that when you stop taking them you go through withdrawals that are often worse than the side effects or your original symptoms.  This can often be confused with the person thinking that they shouldn’t have stopped taking the drug in the first place. 


Thanks to my friends who write to me and send me relevant material I stumbled across this great book that I had to share with everyone, and it’s absolutely free!  You just click on the link below.  You will find the chapters of the book on the far left hand of the page.


In reading the testimonials it appears that once people are on the supplements that they suggest that they feel better than they have in years.  I felt the same way years ago when I started taking Vitamin B supplements.  It not only made my depression go away, but I felt happier than I had in a long time.

May you never be the same again!



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