Do you have an alternative solution to psychiatry, psychology or their drugs?

If you have a suggestion for an alternative solution for psychiatry or psychology then post them in this section. Just click on “(whatever number appears) Comments” below. Thank you for your contribution.


2 Responses to “Do you have an alternative solution to psychiatry, psychology or their drugs?”

  1. Todd Wilson Says:

    There are actually many options other than going down the destructive path of psychiatric drugging.

    When a person is depressed or feeling anxiety or has any other situation that seems to be unsolvable, the first step toward improving their situation would be to find out what the problem is.

    The next thing to do would be to find a solution to that problem, some way the person could be a little more in control of the situation. Many times, the problems that seem unsolvable can be remedied through communication alone.

    Another simple solution is to go out and get some exercise. Do something physical and get your attention on other things exterior to yourself rather than staying introverted (looking inward at yourself).

    There are also situations where a person’s diet can cause unwanted feelings (depression, anxiety, tiredness, etc.). It could be too much sugar, not enough of certains vitamins/minerals or just eating things that your body is allergic to.

    If your body is not doing well, it can prevent you from beign productive and happy.

    A good nutritionist or holistic doctor who checks for food allergies and who will tailor a nutritional program for individual needs can make a huge difference.

    These are just a few suggestions. There are many others out there. You just have to look for them.

  2. Jane Mitchel Says:

    All of the above suggestions are quite good. I would also add that the person remember that nothing is permanent. Although things can look bad for a time, something always changes. Taking anti-depressants, anti-psychotics or committing suicide are permanent solutions to temporary situations. As your mother used to say, “this too shall pass.”

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