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7 Responses to “Read or Tell us your Stories about Anti-Depressants”

  1. patrick dunaway Says:

    My father developed alzheimers when he was 76 and after many nutritional and medical therapies which did not really do much he passed away. Otherwise he was in excellent health. My first experience with anti psychotic drugs was when I found out that his Doctor had recommended prozac for him for an upset stomach. Then as I went thru the trials and tribulations of trying to heal my father I found out how much the average doctor has been brain washed by the pharmacuetical companies. This was an eye opener for me and made me realize what a pathetic medical establishement we have. Almost every doctor was drug oriented and would prescribe a drug at the drop of a hat-often I would ask about side effects and they would have to go to a book to tell me. Even worse were the nursing homes they rely almost entirely on drugs to keep the old people quite. When I had to put my father in one because he had to have 24 hour care they were constantly trying to put him on drugs even thougth I has specifically and emphatically told them “NO DRUGS”. I realized that rather that using patience and compassion they would rather rely on a drug to keep the person in a zombie like state. Now you may think this was an exception but I went to 27 different homes in my area and it was the same everywhere. What we have here is a pharmacuetical industry linked to the Psychiatric industry and they have a very cozy reltationship. Now they are trying to drug very young children and finally the FDA under tremendous pressure from citizen groups have finally made a token attempt to make the drug companies be ethical. This was manifested in the black box warning about anti psychotics and suicidal thoughts and behaviour but the drug companies and the FDA have known for many years about these side effects and have hidden them. Currently Eli Lily has about 900 law suits going on just one drug, just one. I went to this CCHR website and they really have the dope on the drug companies and the psychiatric industry. They call it the industry of death and I agree.


  2. Shannon Franklin Says:


    About 10 years ago or thereabouts, I was getting sober in Alcoholics Anonymous. Antidepressant medication had just hit the mainstream, and it was fairly taboo in this group. However, being someone who had daily battles with low self-esteem and suicidal thoughts, I decided to try them anyway.

    At this time in my life, I was very poor. I went to the free clinic for birth control medication, and while I was there, I literally asked the doctor to prescribe antidepressants for me, as I wanted to try them. And she did.

    I was a little nervous about trying them, so even from the get-go, I only took half a dose. I did this for about 3 weeks. Then I got scared, and I abruptly took myself off of them–cold turkey. (I have since found out this is absolutely one of the worst things you can do with these powerful medications.)

    A day or so later, the freakiest thing happened to me that I have ever experienced! I was waiting tables in a downtown restaurant. It was a very busy place, and I had about 15 tables to myself. Anyway, at one point I made a comment to my boss, when he sat another table for me. I asked him if he could please give it to the other waiter on staff, as I couldn’t handle another table at that point. Being somewhat surly, he said, “Why can’t you handle it, Ramin could?” (I had a bit of a rivalry with Ramin.)

    Anyway, I lost it. I literally ran out into the street screaming at the top of my lungs–I hate this place! I hate you! I hate waiting tables. It was like I was possessed or in a daze. Then I sat down on the curb. I was shaking. It was if I wasn’t even in my own body. Someone even came by and gave me a quarter–like I was some homeless person.

    It freaked me out.

    You must understand. I was a reliable, responsible staff member. I was good at my job and well liked. This behavioral change was literally a 180 degree shift.

    Another freaky thing I noticed was that for about a week prior to this occurrence, as I would walk to work everyday, I would fantasize about going in with a machine gun and blowing everyone away.

    Once again, you must realize I have NEVER been a violent person. I would always turn my anger towards myself not towards anyone else.

    It wasn’t until years later when I read that antidepressant medication can cause homicidal ideation that I realized where those thoughts came from.

    Needless to say, I have never been near another one of those drugs since, and I’ve helped others to get the real truth about them too. And I’ve sure as hell never fantasized about blowing people away or run screaming from my job either!

  3. dianne hamdorf Says:

    Thank you.I had been on meds,over 30 pages my whole life due to misdiagnosis of Celic)my mom just died from a Lymphoma june 3rd in Mn and my brother,sister and their daughters also have celiac). and a liver enzyme problem called the P450 Cytochrome liver enzyme defeciency.
    I almost died 3 years ago due to Hospital Negligence as the Mayo in Rochester finally ran a test and found it ,yet even they knew i was a “Celiac” as did St.Josephs hospital and then the straw was when i was told i was Bi Polar and depressed and i needed a series of shock treatments. I got them,had awful effects from them,my memory,is awful,i cant sleep its unreal. Well,they found out that it was meds that were staying in my liver and building up toxicity after years and years and the side effects,surgeries made me worse. Well i met an elder lady who did colonics so i started having them as i had “trouble for years” ab pain and cry and cry and hold my tummy. Well,i went to see a naturopathic Dr named Dr Jack Hinze in Az and i was there for nutrient IVs as i was severely malnourished,and dehydrated from vomiting for 6 weeks.,nobody cared. Drs didnt care,he did. I also had “fast transit” or dumping pain from the disease and so my nat Dr had to put me on a more natural pain med as he was a pharmacist for over 30m years and saw what drugs did so went into natural. He gave me belladonna with pB alk and a old sleep aide called Dalmaine so, i could sleep. I had parasites,i have heavy metal ,vitamin and mineral defeciencies,b 12 was always low. Adrenal and thyroid cond so i take supplements from this Dr daily. He was truly an amazing Dr and people tell me after the 30 pound weight loss i look amazing! I owe it to him. I am now in Texas due to the lack of decent Drs and the trauma they caused me in Brainerd and even i feel the Mayo was responisble and didnt care and they knew.I had hives,constant vomiting,weakness,shaking on all the drugs they had me on until one day i went cold turkey and thats when i detoxed, was hell started then. Iam now up to my old weight but i was thrown in mental hospital after hospital,Drs knew but didnt care. the Hospital violated hippa several times to my son.I filed hippa and they lied then i went further and am trying to get a decent lawyer that will take my case as it will make your skin crawl with what they did to me.thank you and FDA drugs arnt any safer then natural,i told my natural Dr he was a GOD for all he did. I see Drs here now in Texas and am told they should have known better but they didnt care. Just a drug pushing hospital and clinic. thank you. DH.
    Everyone wants me to tell my horror story and write a book but i wouldnt know where to begin.

  4. Your Friend Says:


    Thanks so much for sharing your story with the world! You are not alone. I always refer people to CCHR International so that they can find their nearest chapter. CCHR (Citizens Commission for Human Rights) investigates and exposes abuses like yours. They also inform you of your rights. Since I know that you have already contacted them, I just wanted to let all of my other readers know where they, too, can obtain help.

    Your Friend

  5. Dianne Hamdorf Says:

    Thank y
    As i told you i had I have Celiac disease and then i have p450 cytochrome liver enzyme defecinecy and the Drs had me on drugs for years.Drs in Texas know what i have and shake their heads as to what happened to me in Mn.
    I have been on almost every drug you could think of. we thin k of over 20 different anti depressents and shock treatments and that St.Josephs Medical Center told things to my son nasty things about me which violated hippa.
    They told my son what meds i was taking,how i was bi polar and had depression like him. i had to go to Arzona to live for 7 weeks.And have over 35 I.Vs at that time.
    I told all the Drs what was wrong and how sick i was but they didnt believe me and even thrown in the “grace unit” because a Dr.howard told me i was “anorexic” when i was severely malnourished. Dehydrated,had low thyroid was going thru menopause and vitamin and mineral def.
    I had chelation,i had hydrogen peroxide IVs i had colonics i had shots injected every day. I was from 151 pounds down to 122 pounds from vomiting from the drugs due to my liver toxicitry but they didnt care,they lied to Hippa.Iwould have died if not for the nutritionn and the pain is the trauma from what they did and always being help a prisoner up there because the drugs caused bad reactions and depression i was suicidal ,had hives rashes and puked until my body was wasting away. Arizona was what saved me.
    Prozac put me in the hospital and i wanted to kill my husband on it yet they wanted me on it 3 times or more. I “lactated from Paxil” It took the Drs forever to figure out what was going on. i was like a nursing mother!! side effect,yet rare of paxil and even men can get it.
    A Dr.Delasante forced me to take anti psychotic resperidol under my tongue or she would commit me. i was thrashing,shaking had such severe anxiety and was up all night then she told me it was just my anxiety and take another one!! Then i ended up in ER told them about my liver,showed them report and Dr told me to take more “adavan” i was allergic to it if they would have looked. she was in Brainerd,Mn then to Crosby,Mn and i think shes gone. Her license should be revoked for the way she practices. she even put my mama on Seroquel” we asap took her off. The Crosby care center basically killed my mom June 3rd she died.She got another urine trac infection,then blood from being cathed all the time due to her bladder and they were dirty,we had to feed her off and on she had 3 falls they tried to cover up.or blame on her past. My mama is gone due to neglect and ill never get over losing her. We drove 20 hrs one way to see her and visit and the next day she started to get really sick.
    They had no beds in ICU for her so they gave her iv in room.Was awful to watch my mom die a few days later to her lymphoma,chemo killed her immune system as she used to fight off those infections all the time but this time she was way to weak and that clinic and Drs killed her! thank you
    Dianne Hamdorf

    • Your Friend Says:

      Hi Dianne,

      Thank you for sharing your and your mother’s story with the world. I am deeply sorry for your loss, especially at the hands of medical neglect and abuse.

      It is sad what our country has become, but there are things everyone can do: write your Congressmen, Senators, The White House; report adverse drug reactions to the FDA’s MedWatch and report mental health abuse to CCHR (Citizens Commission on Human Rights).

      Keep up your great work in spreading the word, Dianne!

      Your Friend

    • Your Friend Says:


      Thank you for sharing your story with the world. I am so glad that you reported this to your local CCHR (Citizens Commission on Human Rights)!

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